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GCMS identity vocab

discrimination the treatment of a person or group worse than the way people are usually treated
diversity including a range of different things (like different kinds of people)
extremist someone having beliefs or opinions that most people think are unreasonable and unacceptable
genocide killing an entire group of people because of their identity
justice people getting what they deserve
moderate having opinions with an average amount of intensity
prejudice an opinion about a group of people that isn't based on evidence
racism the belief that some races (skin color) are superior to other races in their abilities and characteristics
scapegoat a person who is blamed for someone else's wrongdoings or failures
stereotype a widely held but prejudicial view of a type of person
tolerance a fair, objective attitude toward opinions, beliefs and practices different from your own
opposite of moderate extremist
opposite of extremist moderate
immigrant a person who comes to live permanently in a foreign country
injustice opposite of justice
EXAMPLE of diversity At GCMS we are old, young, boy, girl, lots of languages & nationalities.
EXAMPLE of stereotype “Teenagers are nothing but trouble!”
EXAMPLE of discrimination Until 1954 it was legal to have separate schools for whites and blacks.
EXAMPLE of genocide Nazis rounded up, imprisoned and killed 6 million Jewish people.
EXAMPLE of justice When a jury says a criminal is guilty and the judge sends the person to jail.
EXAMPLE of prejudice If you don't like someone just because you don't know anyone from their community.
EXAMPLE of racism Believing that skin color causes someone to be a better student.
EXAMPLE of scapegoat Mrs. Pruitt's cat blamed the dog for breaking the picture of the grandkids. The cat did it.
EXAMPLE of tolerance When the election is over you have to get along with people who voted differently from you.
EXAMPLE of extremist People who want to stop all immigration into the United States.
EXAMPLE of immigrant Alexander Hamilton was born on the Caribbean island of Nevis but became the first Secretary of the Treasury of the USA.
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