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Mesopotamia Review

city-state city and surrounding area
ziggurat temple
polytheism belief in many gods
civilization advanced culture in a city
empire large area under the control of 1 ruler
exile forced to leave
toleration accepting peoples' differences
provinces government divisions of an area
satraps governers in Persia
minted coins official money
Royal Road road used for government purposes
governor person chosen to rule an area
policy plans of a government
code of law written rules by Hammurabi
justice fair treatment
tribute payment
power of priest religion; surplus
power of king rules; protection; defense; military
right of slaves borrow money; own business; buy their freedom
right/opportunity of women own land; work; become priestess
Civilization - Advanced cities large temples; business
Civilization - Specialized workers artisans; weavers; scribe
Civilization - complex institutions religion; government; education
Civilization - record Keeping track surplus; use cuneiform
Civilization - Improved Technology tools made of bronze; battering rams; wheel; irrigation system
Social Pyramid top to bottom===== king priest artisans, farmers slaves
Mesopotamian Inventions plow; wheel; cuneiform; bronze
Sargon created 1st empire
Hammurabi Code of Law
Ashurbanipal ruled Assyria
Nebuchadnezzar created Hanging garden of Babylon
Cyrus ended Hebrew Captivity; tolerated all religions
gilgamesh man/god epic
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