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History Final

The Declaration of Independance was signed in what year? 1776
In the Declaration of Independance, Jefferson wrote that people who decide to change their government should also do what? List the reasons for changing
According to the Declaration of Independance, a government's authority to govern should come from: The people being governed
What does the phrase "all men are created equal" from the Declaration of Independance mean? All people have the same rights, and government should treat everyone equally
If the government does not __________, the people have a right to change the government. Protect the unalienable right of the people
Under the Stamp Act of 1765, official government stamps were placed on printed materials to show: That tax had been paid on them
Why was Thomas Paine's book 'Common Sense' influential with the public? It was simple and direct, avoiding references to literature
The Batlle of _______ led to an alliance between the colonists and France Saratoga
By the end of he Revolutionary War, all of the following states had enlisted African Americans except: South Carolina
Which statement was NOT a reason why the Americans were successful in defeating the British? They controlled the cities but no the countryside
The Declaration of Independance lists life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness as unalienable rights. Which is an example of unalienable right to liberty? A group of people gather at a church to worship
Which was not a British offense expressed as grievance in the Declaration of Independance. Threatening the colonists' traditional way of life
ByRatifyingTheConstitutionTheStatesAgreedToMake it the law of the land; there can be no nation if a state can withdraw whenever it does not like a federal action ; the people, not states, created the consititution. What point of view are these statements? Nationalists
Article 1 section 8 of the consititution is the basis for which type of powers of Congress. Expressed
What grievenace in the Declaration of Independance is the basis for Checks and Balances in the constitution? The king had complete power
Which of these protections appears in the Bill of rights? Protection from unreasonable searches
Which definition of "quarter" did the Quatering act take its name from? To provide lodging or shelter
Which of Hesse documents was written last? The Declaration of Independance
Who were the only people who could vote in the colonies? White male property owners
What did groups of merchants obtain from the British King in order to start settlements in America? Charters
Which person is a member of the legislative branch? Speaker of the house
Created by: Khanfareena
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