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American Revolution

Made by JT Silver, 2016

This Battle is frequently recognized as the turning point in the American Revolutionary War What is the Battle at Saratoga
Who contained the major advantage at the start of the American Revolution The British
The British soldiers were part of these groups where they were _______ soldiers before returning home to tend to their farms. Militia, Volunteer.
These were the groups of people involved in the war British, Patriots, Loyalists (Tories) Quakers didn't participate.
African Americans sided with the loyalists until the British promised to.... Free the African Americans who fought on the British side.
Loyalists supported Britain for the following reasons... Jobs, Members of the Anglican Church, FEar of creating chaos by challenging them.
American Soldiers fought for Freedom while the British Hessians fought for Money
The advantages for the Americans was that they fought on their own soil whereas Britain was forced to transport men and supplies 3,000 miles to wage war. BUt their greatest advantage was their leader; George Washington
Congress faced difficulty enlisting soldiers because..... 13 states each were fighting for different outcomes and different interests.
The militia worked well for the Patriots but... they needed a well trained army that could fight anywhere in the colonies.
Most soldiers signed up for one year, but congress offered tasks of up to 3 years
This was the name of the lady fighting for the Americans who disguised herself as a man. Deborah Sampson
The first battles were with few troops and the British realized... They needed more troops to end the war quickly.
During the summer of 1776 the British sent ________ troops to New York. And the commander ______________________ hoped the size of his army would push the patriots to give up 32,000 and William Howe
This man was a hero at Long Island when he spied on British troops, disguising himself as a Dutch Schoolteacher. Nathan Hale
Washington and his army had less than 20,000 troops but they were determined to fight, they suffered a huge loss at the hands of the British in..... The Battle of Long Island
The Americans ran short on supplies, to the point that at the Battle of Long Island many Patriot soldiers... Weren't wearing shoes socks or jackets
The Continental army (Americans) had eventually retreated across ________ into ____________ New Jersey, Pennsylvania
In the Winter of 1776 to 1777, the Patriots cause was near collapse, Some soldiers were ________ who ran away, and some had __________ Deserters, Reached the end of their service.
Washington wanted more troops, but they just weren't signing up. Many people didn't trust the African Americans with guns.... This is why they didn't serve in the Continental Army.
White people sometimes feared ________ from the slaves Revolts
While settling in NY and NJ Washington sent some troops across the Deleware to..... Conduct a surprise attack in the British camp on Christmas night 1776.
Washington took this many troops to catch the British off guard. 2400.
Created by: 17jsilver
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