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American Revolution

US History Chapter 6 The American Revolution

Answer Question
mercenary Which is a soldier for hire?
desert Which means to abandon your post?
inflation Which is to rise in prices?
blockade What is keeping ships from entering or leaving American harbors
siege Cutting off the British supply and escape routes.
ratify To approve.
ambush Surprise attack.
Patriot What was the name given to Americans who supported independence?
John Paul Jones Which Patriot's famous words were "I have not yet begun to fight"?
money What was the Hessians’ main reason for fighting the war?
Deborah Sampson Who disguised herself as a man in order to fight in the army?
freedom What were enslaved African Americans who fought on the British side were given?
Bunker Hill The battle the Americans lost on Breed's Hill in Charlestown on June 16, 1775.
Camden This victory was important because it solidified Britain's hold on South Carolina, a move made to try to split the American colonies in half.
Cowpens Decisive American victory under Daniel Morgan that turned the tide of the war in the South.
The Treaty of Paris The Americans agreed to allow British merchants to collect debts owed to them in which treaty?
divided loyalties What was one result of the fighting between neighbors and families during the Revolution?
Yorktown The British agreed to recognize America as an independent nation after which victory?
Washington Which man did not represent the Americans at the peace talks in Paris?
Nathan Hale To spy on the British, which Patriot disguised himself as a Dutch schoolteacher?
Vincennes George Rogers Clark forced Henry Hamilton's surrender where?
Saratoga The French announced support for the United States after which American victory?
Philadelphia In 1777, William Howe captured which city, causing Congress to flee?
The Swamp Fox Known for his imaginative war tactics, Francis Marion went by what nickname?
Charles Town What marked the worst American defeat of the war?
Washington When Lafayette arrived in Philadelphia from France, to whom did he offer his services?
United States What nation did Bernardo de Gálvez help during the American Revolution?
hanged for treason How did Nathan Hale die?
The Patriots Who used Guerrilla warfare tactics ?
bayonet What is a blade attached to the end of a rifle?
John Burgoyne Who was the British general who met his end at Saratoga?
Thomas Paine Who inflamed the American population and furthered the Revolutionary cause with his writings?
the main port What was the importance of Charlestown to the Southern Continental Army?
George Greenville Who was the first Lord of the Treasury?
Valley Forge The site of the Patriots winter encampment.
Trenton Where did the Patriots score a victory on Christmas night 1776?
Green Mountain Boys What was the militia group that defeated Burgoyne's troops at Bennington, Vermont?
Marquis de Lafayette a French volunteer soldier who became a trusted aide to General Washington
Joseph Brant He was a Mohawk chief that led a number of attacks against the Patriots in New York and Pennsylvania.
Treaty of Paris The British recognized the United States as an independent nation in this Treaty.
The South Loyalist strength was strongest in what region of the country?
Created by: Ms Plyler
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