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2nd 9 Wks Benchmark

How did the French and Indian War lead to the American Revolution? Great Britain was in debt after the war and placed taxes on the colonies
How did the French and Indian War affect Georgia's development? Southern boundary was moved to the St. Marys River
Why was Georgia less "anti-British" than many of the other colonies? Georgia was younger and still needed support from Great Britain
What was the major weakness of Georgia's constitution of 1777? It had a unicameral legislature that had most of the power, including control of the other branches (appoint and control governor)
Who signed the Declaration of Independence from Georgia? Walton, Gwinnett, and Hall
What is the only Georgia county named for a woman? Hart County (Nancy Hart)
What was the purpose of the Constitutional Convention held in Philadelphia in 1787? revise the Articles of Confederation (but a new Constitution was written)
Who represented Georgia at the Constitutional Convention in 1787? Baldwin and Few
What was the purpose of the headright system in Georgia? to distribute land to new settlers
What scandal took place when legislators in Georgia were bribed to sell public land to land developers at below-market prices? Yazoo Land Fraud
How were Georgia's goods transported before the railroads? riverboats and wagon trains
What was Georgia's main railroad in the 1800s? Western and Atlantic Railroad
What was the most important mechanical invention for Georgia's economy in the early 1800s? Cotton Gin
What is a land grant university, like UGA? one whose land is donated by the government
Why did the authors of the Articles of Confederation want a national government with little power? They had just been freed from a strong government in Britain; didn't want another king
What were the two largest religious denominations in Georgia in the late 1700s and early 1800s? Baptist and Methodist
What was Austin Dabney's significance during the American Revolution? He fought in the place of his master for the Patriots and received land for his service
What is a requirement to vote in Georgia? 18 years old, US Citizen, legal resident of state and county, not serving a sentence for a felony crime
What feature in our government gives branches the power to limit other branches' powers so that one branch will not become too powerful? Checks and balances
What land was distributed through Georgia's land lottery? land west of the Oconee River
What legislation formed two new territories and allowed them to use popular sovereignty to decide the issue of slavery? It was passed in 1854 and challenged the Missouri Compromise. Kansas-Nebraska Act
What Georgian was the Vice President of the Confederacy? Alexander Stephens
Who was the future president who, with the help of Cherokees, fought the Red Sticks? He did not, however, reward the Cherokees when white voters wanted Cherokees removed from Georgia. Andrew Jackson
What was George Gist's major contribution to the Cherokee culture? the syllabary, a written language
What discovery led to the final Indian removal from Georgia? gold near Dahlonega
What was the name of the forced Indian removal from Georgia? Trail of Tears
What legislation allowed Georgia to push the Creek and Cherokee out of the state and seize their land? Indian Removal Act of 1830
Who signed the Treaty of New York giving up Creek land east of the Oconee, with the promise of protection of lands to the west? Alexander McGillivray
Who signed the Treaty of Indian Springs giving up Creek lands to the US government for money? William McIntosh
What did the Supreme Court rule in the Dred Scott case? slaves such as Scott could not sue because they were not citizens
What were the provisions of the Compromise of 1850? California allowed as free state, remaining territory from Mexico could choose, Fugitive Slave Act, banned slave trade in DC (could keep slaves they had)
What is the bloodiest one-day battle of the Civil War? Antietam
Whose "March to the Sea" devastated much of Georgia on a path from Atlanta to Savannah? Union General William T. Sherman
Which document led to the freedom of over 4 million slaves in the US? Emancipation Proclamation
After his devastating destruction of Georgia, why did Sherman not burn Savannah? He was protecting millions of dollars worth of cotton, and symbolically gave the city to Pres. Lincoln for a Christmas gift
Why did Sherman and the Union troops attack civilian infrastructure between Atlanta and Savannah? (railroads, towns, plantations) He wanted civilians to withdraw their support for the war and, hopefully, shorten the war
Why did the South have to keep its ports open during the Civil War? It needed to ship cotton to Britain and France and get supplies and weapons
What is the name of the notorious Civil War prison camp in Georgia where many Union soldiers died? Andersonville
What does secede mean? to break away; to become independent
Why are the saltwater wetlands at Georgia's coast important? they are a vital part of the food chain
Are the Appalachian mountains young or old? they are old because they are worn down and not very high
Why did Oglethorpe welcome the Salzburgers to the colony? they had faced persecution in Austria because they were Catholic
Created by: deanfam