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semester 1

beringia landbridge that appeared between northeastern Asia and present day alaska
Archeology study of the unwritten past
artifacts remains of objects made by humans
paleo-indians first americans
migration movement of people from one region to another
hunter-gatherers paleo-indians that lived by hunting animals and gathering wild plants
societies group that shares common cultures
cultures set of common values and traditions
domestication process of breeding plants and meet human needs
maize corn
mesoamerica includes southern mexico and central america
glyphs symbols that represent ideas
mayans builders
leif eriksson son of erik the red shared the love for adventures like his father
feudalism new system of government
black death plague that led to an epidemic
commercial revolution period of great change in the european economy
joint-stock company business in which a group of people invest together
renaissance rebirth of the arts and learning of ancient greece and rome
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