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American History

American Revolution

When did America declare independence? July 4, 1776
How much of the country was Loyalists? 1 of 5 Americans were Loyalists
Who were the Patriots? people who rebelled against the British
Who were the Loyalists? people who were loyal to the King and Great Britian
Who was Nathan Hale and what did he do? He was a patriot who disguised himself a s Dutch school teacher and spied on the British. He got hanged because he was caught
What happened at Valley Forge? Valley Forge is where the Patriots camped for the winter. They got sick and had little food and shelter.
What did John Adams predict about this war? He predicted that it was going to be a long and bloody war.
Where were African Americans not enlisting? They did not enlist in South Carolina
Where did African Americans first enlist? They first enlisted in Rhode Island
Who was Marquis De Laffayette and how did he help? He was a french man who donated $100,000 of his own money to the cause. He freely joined the Continental Army.
Who was Friedrich von Steuben? He trained troops at Valley Forge using his previous experience.
Who was Deborah Sampson? She disguised herself as a man to help fight in the war
What is Guerilla Warfare? Also known as Hit and Run tactics where you suddenly appear, fire and then disappear
What are privateers? a privately owned merchant ship out fitted with weapons
What is Inflation? When the value of money goes down and the price of goods go up
What caused inflation? Everybody used silver and gold for currency but then Congress decided to print because they were broke. this caused inflation because the value of the paper money went down and it was harder to buy things.
What did Congress do about inflation? Congress stopped printing money
What are the advantages of the British? -British had the best army-well trained soldiers -more soldiers -wealthier -lots of supplies
What are the disadvantages of the British? -not fighting on their own land -Patriots had more passion -hard to restock on supplies -they didn't know the land
What was Washington's greatest challenge at Valley Forge? His greatest challenge was to keep the soldiers fighting and for them to not give up
Who was Francis Marion? Better known as "Swamp Fox" used hit and run tactics in the South against the British in the swamp
Where was loyalist support strongest? In the South
Where was loyalist support weakest? New England
Who was George Rogers Clark? Helped capture Kaskaskia and Vincennes
Who was Nathanael Greene? Replaced Gates in 1780 to fight forces in the South
What allowed Ben Franklin to convince the French to ally with us? His skill and charm
Who was Charles Cornwallis He was left in command of British forces in the South by Henry Clinton and won against the Patriots in 1780
Created by: ChiChi11