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WGU -IOA4-Amendments

All amendments in correct order

Limits the power of the national government in suits against the states 11th Amendment
Revised the Electoral College procedure to provide for election of President and Vice President. 12th Amendment
Outlawed slavery 13th Amendment
Made ex-slaves citizensApplied due process to the statesCreated equal protection clause 14th Amendment
The right to vote cannot be denied or abridged on the basis of race, color, or previous condition of servitude 15th Amendment
Authorized the federal income tax 16th Amendment
Provided for the direct election of United States Senators 17th Amendment
Prohibited the manufacture or sale of liquor in the Untied States 18th Amendment
Women's suffrage. The right to vote cannot be limited or abridged on the basis of sex. 19th Amendment
Lame Duck Amendment. Moved the beginning of terms of office for executive and legislative branches to January.Created emergency presidential succession plan 20th Amendment
Repealed the 18th Amendment, ending prohibition 21th Amendment
Limits president to two terms 22nd Amendment
Gave citizens of the District Columbia the right to vote for president 23rd Amendment
Prohibits the use of poll taxes for federal elections 24th Amendment
Revised the presidential disability and succession process 25th Amendment
Lowered the voting age to 18 26th Amendment
Delayed the effect of congressional pay raises until an election of Representatives has occurred. 27th Amendment
Freedom of religionFreedom of speechFreedom of the pressAssemblePetition 1st Amendment
The Right to bear arms 2nd Amendment
Freedom from quartering troops during time of peace without owner's permission. 3rd Amendment
Freedom from search and seizure of person and property without probable cause 4th Amendment
The right to a grand juryFreedom from double jeopardyFreedom from self-incriminationRight to due process 5th Amendment
The right to trial by juryThe right to confront accuserThe right to counsel 6th Amendment
The right to a jury trial in civil cases 7th Amendment
Prohibits excess bail and finesProhibits cruel and unusual punishment 8th Amendment
an attempt to denied accretion of these powers to the central authority.Non-enumerated rights are retained by the people 9th Amendment
Powers not specifically given to the United States are retained by the states and the people 10th Amendment
In 1789, James Madison wrote seventeen amendments. Congress passed twelve of them. By 1791, the stateshad ratified ten; Bill of rights
Individuals are due certain rights by virtue of being human, regardless of who is in power.Examples: The rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happinessb) These are enduring, and inalienable Natural rights
a) Certain individual rights exist by virtue of the shared beliefs and traditions existing within agiven political and social culture. Cultural rights
individual rights exist because they are included in the Bill of Rights. James Madison drafted 17 amendments in 1789; 10 of them were ratified in 1791. US Constitution
Creates the National legislature.Establishes qualification requirements for members of each house.Establishes rules and limits for the Congress.Creates procedure for passage of a bill. Article 1
Creates the Executive Branch and Presidency.Creates procedures and requirements to elect and impeach the president.Defines presidential powers. Article 2
Creates the National Judiciary.Defines the qualifications and powers of the judiciary.Defines treason. Article 3
Defines the relationship with the states, giving the states "full faith and credit…."Defined process for creating new states. Article 4
Defines the process to amend the Constitution. Article 5
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