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6th WH History

History chapt 22 section 3

The _____________ was created by President Woodrow Wilson to increase public support for the war Comittee on Public Information(CPI)
The CPI used rallies, parades, posters, paphlets, etc.. to promote American support for war; they recruited ________ to entertain troops. movie stars
The __________and the ___________ provided penalties for aiding the enemy refusing military duty or speaking disloyally about the US government, constitution, or flag. Espionage Act of 1917 + Sedition Act of 1918
Because of CPI, _________ men enlisted 6 weeks after US declared war-this want enough though. 73,000
the ______________ required men between the age of 21-30 to register to be drafted-About_______ who served in war were draftees. Selective Service Act; 3 million
Most military training camps were located _______ due to mild winters- year round training- South
Created by: claytonlowder