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ACP Fall Review 2016

Caddo sedentary, northern Coastal Plains, crops
Karankawa nomadic, Gulf Coastal Plains, fishing
Comanche nomadic, Great Plains, buffalo
Jumano sedentary, Mountains and Basins, crops
Pineda mapped the Texas coastline
Cabeza de Vaca captured by Karankawas, wrote in journal his experiences in Texas
La Salle French explorer, built Ft. St. Louis in Texas, motivated the Spanish to colonize Texas in fear of the French taking over Texas
Father Hidalgo wrote "Grito de Dolores" which inspired the Mexicans to revolt against Spain
Moses Austin 1st empresario to try to settle Texas, died before he could accomplish his goal, asked his son Stephen to take over
Stephen F. Austin most successful empresario, brought the "Old 300", "Father of Texas"
Martin de Leon 1st Tejano empresario to settle Texas
Green DeWitt and Erasmo Segiun famous empresarios
Santa Anna President of Mexico, dictator, did not follow the Constitution of 1824, commander of Mexican Army, lost Texas at Battle of San Jacinto, commander of the Mexican Army during the Mexican-American War
Hayden Edwards Mexican gov't tried to take his land grant away, started a skirmish
Sam Houston commander of Texas Army, Won Texas independence at the Battle of San Jacinto in 1836, 1st and 3rd President of Texas, tried to get Texas out of debt, peace with Natives and Mexico
William B. Travis commander of troops at the Battle of the Alamo, died
James Bowie commander of the militia (volunteer army) at the Battle of the Alamo, died
Davy Crockett congressman from Tennessee, helped at the Battle of the Alamo, died
Erastus "Deaf" Smith a deaf spy who helped deliver Travis' letter
Jane Long "Mother of Texas"
James Fannin General of the Texas troops, died with about 300 Texans at the Massacre of Goliad
Juan Seguin Tejano who fought at the Battle of the Alamo, sent out of the Alamo to deliver a message to Houston, fought at San Jacinto
George Childress author of the Declaration of Independence
Lorenzo de Zavala Ad interim Vice-President of Texas, Tejano
David G. Burnett Ad interim President of Texas
Mirabeau Lamar 2nd President of Texas, put Texas further into debt, against Natives and Mexico, "Father of Education"
Anson Jones 4th President of Texas, had views like Houston, annexed Texas to the United Sates in 1845
James K. Polk President of the United States, Annexed Texas, President during Mexican-American War
Zachary Taylor General of the United States Army during the Mexican-American War
Chief Bowles Cherokee Chief who was ordered by President Lamar to move out of Texas, Bowles refused and was killed
Created by: ashwilliams
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