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Mr. Stickler's Liberty Christian SOC Final Exam Flashcards 2016

How do Functionalists view human life? They say that human life is a system whose parts are interdependent, meaning. changes in one element means changes in every other element. (Pg. 6)
How do Conflict Theorists view human life? They view society as an "arena" in which groups struggle with each other to obtain scarce and valuable resources. (Pg. 22)
How do Symbolic Interactionists view human life? They study specific cases of how individual people behave in particular face - to - face interactions. (Pg. 23)
Why can we say that the Conflict perspective is macrosociological? We can say this because it focuses on struggles between various groups and institutions in society. (Pg. 23)
Why can we say that the Symbolic Interactionist perspective is a microsociological perspective? This theory is microsociological because it focuses on specific cases of how individual people behave in face - to - face interactions. (Pg. 25)
What is a "total institution"? These are places "where people are isolated from the rest of society for a set period of time and come under the control of officials who run the institution." (Pg. 115)
What did George Herbert Mead mean by the term "Looking Glass Self"? This term relates to the idea that if we think that others think of us as being "smart" or "funny", then we will think of ourselves as being those things, too.
Which part of Sigmund Freud's "elements of personality" is the one that "includes all of the individual's basic biological drives and needs that demand immediate gratification"? The Id. (Pg. 97)
Which part of Freud's "elements of personality" is "the rational, reality-oriented component of personality that imposes restrictions on the innate pleasure-seeking drives of the Id"? The Ego. (Pg. 97)
What did Carol Gilligan believe about the moral development of boys and girls? That boys based their decisions of what is right and wrong on sets of written rules and regulations, while girls based their decisions on personal relationships. (Pg. 121
"Gender socialization" refers to ___________________________________. "The aspect of socialization that contains specific messages and practices concerning the nature of being female or male in a specific group or society". (Pg. 108)
What is the first stage of moral development that feminist theorist Carol Gilligan identified as being specific to the moral development of women? The Preconventional Stage - This stage is about the woman's individual survival; women in this stage are seeking "who they are"; there's no thought of "should" and women only consider what they want. (Class notes.)
What is the 2nd stage of moral development that feminist theorist Carol Gilligan identified as being specific to the moral development of women? The Conventional Stage - This is the "goodness of self-sacrifice" stage when women identify themselves as selfless and begin to care for others. Women in this stage change their self-image & transition to ethical thinking. (Class notes.
What is the 3rd stage of moral development that feminist theorist Carol Gilligan identified as being specific to the moral development of women? The Postconventional Stage - This is the " the responsibility for consequences of choice" stage; women take control of their lives & realize the seriousness of situations; they also begin to care for others instead of just caring for themselves. (Notes.)
Created by: sticklerpjpII
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