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career communication

solo study notes

Unskilled Jobs- Most prevalent jobs of the 1960’s job market.
Skilled Jobs- Most prevalent jobs of today’s job market
Bachelor’s Degree - Required for a master’s degree
Professional Job- Job that requires a college education
Soft Skill - Skills such as attitude, work ethic and being on time
Hard Skill - Skills such as knowledge of how to run a machine or program a computer
Holland Code- System that categorizes job seekers according to their interests and personality
Conventional Group - Busy working with data, numbers, reports and taking care of details
Investigative Team- Busy solving a bunch of math and science problems
Realistic Crew - Is working outdoors and most of them have mechanical or athletic ability
Enterprising Team - Likes to influence and persuade others to see their point of view
Smart Goal - A goal that is specific, attainable with a time limit.
ROAD - An acronym that can be used to deal with that get in the way of goals
Affirmations - Inner talk or dialog that we experience on a daily basis
Personal Brand - Term that describes the way we are viewed by those around us: friends, family, teachers, bosses
Career Path Questions - Questions to ask your manager such as how do I get your job, what am I doing well, and possible paths within the company.
Ambition - Term describes taking initiative and adding value. Doing more than the minimum.
Acceptance - Term describes having respect and following direction. Being coachable and playing by the rules.
Appreciation - Term describes demonstrating your gratitude towards others. Providing selfless service.
Attitude - Term describes staying positive in every situation. Taking control of the way you react.
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