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US History EOC / LA

US History EOC Questions and Answers

The Clayton Antitrust Act of 1914 served to more fully restrain corporations from removing the possibility of competition in the marketplace. It prevented the formation of new business monoplies
How did hunger strikes in the early 1900's help the cause of the suffrage movement? They brought international attention to the fight for equal rights.
An effect of industrialization in the United States was... the growth of cities
Theodore Roosevelt believed it was important to set aside public land because... He wanted it left unchanged for the enjoyment of future generations.
One of the major goals of the Pure Food and Drug Act of 1906 wa s to.... ensure the products were labeled accurately
Why did the early members of the Knights of Labor, founded in 1869, hold secret meetings? They would be fired by anti-union businesses if exposed as members
Why did large numbers of Chinese immigrants come to the American West Coast beginning in the mid-nineteenth century? to find employment
Why did the new middle class families of the late nineteenth century move into developments on the outskirts of cities? Urban areas were perceived as congested.
Jane Addams raised awareness of social problems in the United States during the 1890's and 1900's by.... establishing settlement houses for impoverished people
Which problem did the reformers of the Progressive Era believe would be eased by the Eighteenth Amendment? poverty
Which policy did William Jennings Bryan promote? opposition to the gold standard for currency
Which trend was an example of laissez-faire economic policy in the late 1800's? The federal government allowed companies in major industries to join into trusts
How did the invention of the Bessemer converter benefit the American Economy in the late 1800s? It reduced the cost of producing steel, which was used for building railroads and skyscraper
The United States maintained an isolationist approach during the early European conflicts of World War I, refusing to join the fight until.... Germany interfered with the U. S. right to freedom of the seas
Which event sparked public outrage in the United States and contributed to U. S. involvement in World War I? the discovery of the Zimmerman Telegram
Which political organization had the goal of protecting the independence of large and small countries after World War I The League of Nations
In World War I, the Battle of Belleau Wood was the... first major battle for the American Soldiers
How did the US respond to the Germans use of chemical warfare in World War I? by developing protective masks and their own chemical weapons
Which action provides the clearest example of US imperialism during the late 1800's and early 1900's US suppression of the of the Filipino independence movement
The New Deal introduced reforms into the American economic system for the purpose of preventing future economic crises
In the early decades of the twentieth century. African Americans migrated in great numbers from the rural South to the industrial North. what would not be a cause? weather patterns
" A day that will live in infamy" What was President Roosevelt referring too? the attack on Pearl Harbor
The United States " Noble Experiment" began in 1920 and refers to.... the outlawing of the sale of alcohol
Which development was a direct result of New Deal Legislation? federal regulatory powers expanded
Which factor was a reason for the Japanese attack on the US naval base at Pearl Harbor? retaliation for a trade embargo enforced by the United States
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