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Egypt Test


delta A very flat, fertile land made of silt dropped by a river as it drains into a larger body of water.
shadoof A device used to lift water into farmers fields.
unification The joining of separate parts into one.
pharaoh It means "great palace" in which rulers in Egypt lived. Later became the name given to all rulers of Egypt.
Old Kingdom The time when the early pharaohs of Egypt worked to make unity. It lasted from about 2700 B.C. to about 2200 B.C.
mummifacation Priest used spices and minerals to preserve the mummies and then wrapped them in strips of cloth.
pyramid Huge stone structures built as burial places or tombs for pharaohs.
hieroglyphics A writing system that used about 800 picture signs that stood for letters or sounds.
Rosetta Stone French soldiers found the stone near the city of Rosetta. Had the same passage written in three kinds of writing.
papyrus A reed plat that grows along the Nile River. They were pressed together to form a type of paper.
economy The way a country manages its resources to produce goods and services.
expedition A journey undertaken for a specific purpose.
cataract Rocks and waterfalls that make navigation along the river difficult.
Social Pyramid It is a triangle shaped chart that shows peoples rank in society.
silt Mineral rich soil carried by the river.
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