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Canada Test Review C


What large body of water is north of the Great Lakes near the Canadian Shield? Hudson Bay
What is the name of the mountain range in western Canada? Rockies
What area contains most of Canada’s mineral wealth? Canadian Shield
What man-made feature connects the Great Lakes together? St. Lawrence Seaway
What ocean is located furthest west from Canada? Pacific
What are the two official languages of Canada? French and English
What province wants independence from Canada? Quebec
What type of government does Canada have? Parliamentary Democracy
What is the head of state in Canada and the UK called? Queen
What title of the head of government in UK and Canada? Prime Minister
What European country’s government is the most similar to Canada’s The United Kingdom
What type of economic system does Canada, Russia, UK, and Germany (and all democracies) have? Mixed
What environmental concern in Canada is also an environmental concerns in Germany? Acid rain
What are the environmental concerns at the Great Lakes? Water pollution and acid rain
What is the environmental concern at the Canadian Shield? Mineral Extraction
Where does most of Canada’s mining take place? Canadian Shield
Who causes most of Canada’s acid rain issues? The USA
Nunavut was created for what indigenous group of people? Inuits
What type of economic system is very competitive? Market
Who is Canada’s largest trading partner? The USA
Where do most people in Canada live? in the south near the border of the USA
What type of source would an encyclopedia be? secondary
What type of economic system would the Inuit have? traditional
What century is 1704 in? 18th
What century is 1500 in? 15th
Name two reasons why people in Quebec want to be their own country They have a different culture-language (French) and religion (Catholic). They have been discriminated against in the past.
Name two reasons why Quebec should remain part of Canada Canada needs the natural resources in Quebec. Quebec needs Canada's military and financial support They already voted twice, and both times the vote was no for separation.
What trade barriers does NAFTA eliminate? tariffs and quotas
Created by: mgilmour



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