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Social studies final

Social studies Final

Flag: 13 white stars represent 13 colonies
E Pluribus Unum out of many, US motto
Olive branch in the Eagle's talons power of peace
Thirteen arrows in the left talon of eagle power of war
13 red and white stripes represent 13 colonies
50 white stars represent 50 states
The first official flag had how many stars 13
The first flag was approved in what year 1777
Five themes of Geography movement, regions, location, interaction, place
compass rose circle showing the principal directions printed on a map
key or legend included in a map to help give me more information
cardinal directions 4 main points of a compass...north south east west
lines of latitude horizontal, north or south of equator
lines of longitude vertical, east or west of prime meridian
equator line drawn around the earth from both poles
glacier thick sheet of ice
irrigation a way to water crops
surplus excess, extra quantity
civilization advanced culture where people developed cities, science, industries
culture way of life
kayak small boat made of skins
potlach a host gifts their guests
adobe sun dried brick
clan families related to one another
sachem tribal chief
how did early civilization develop in americas people came from asia in canoes
Explain the land bridge theory people migrated from siberia to alaska when the continents were still attached
how did geography influence the development of cultures in north america helped them trade
Muhammad founder of Islamic religion
mansa musa muslim ruler in 1200s in west africa, ghana
navigation science of locating the position and plotting the course of ships
Zheng He chinese explorer who made several voyages with fleet of 300 ships
Silk Road trade route between europe, africa and asia
How did different cultures and traditions develop around the world in the 15th century By trade...using land routes and sea routes
Why weren't the americans part of the global trade route in the 15th century no one knew they existed
monotheism idea that there is only one god
Jesus jewish teacher of Nazerath
salvation everlasting life
direct democracy form of government in which assembly of people make decisions
republic form of government where people choose a representative
feudalism system where a ruler grants part of his land to a lord
Martin luther german monk, demanded church reform, wrote the 95 thesis
Henry the navigator brother of the king of portugal, paid for exploration on the west coast of africa
vasco de gama Portuguese sailor that passed the school of navigation; traveled to the southern tip of africa and continued to india
What major influences shaped European Civilization migration and trade
Crusades holy war
role of Pope Urban II in the crusades sent knights into the war
renaissance rebirth of learning; France
Christopher columbus From Spain, traveled across the atlantic
Vasco nunez de balboa europe to the pacific ocean
ferdinand magellan circumnavigated the earth
strait a narrow passage of water connecting two larger bodies of water
circumnavigate go around the world
conquistador conquerer
Hernando Cortes traveled from cuba to mexico
encomienda land grants
Bartolome de las casas Spanish; became the first protector of the indians
mission religious people traveling to foreign places
peninsula land surrounded by water on 3 sides
Samuel de Chaplain french explorer and map maker; founded new france in canada
Jacques Marquette first to see and map the northern Mississippi river
coureur de bois french trader
alliance group of people or countries working together
John cabot Explored the northern parts of America
mercantilism the idea that trade make you rich
henry hudson tried to find the northwest passage to asia.
northwest passage sea route connecting the atlantic and pacific oceans in the north
How did the search for a water route to asia affect both europe and the americas Europe conquered land, columbian exchange was introduced, plants and animals were introduced, european diseases killed native americans
Why were europeans unaware of what they might find on their voyages of discovery it had never been done before
Why did spanish explorers travel to North america Spanish empire expansion, religion, christianity
How did Spain and the conquistadors establish an empire in the americas Spain let the conquistadors govern their own land. spain created a formal system of government to rule the colonies
Compare and contrast the difference between the spanish and spanish explorers both wanted gold and silver; the explorers killed for it; native americans trusted spanish and gave it to them
charter ruling one country from another country
john smith english explorer who helped founding of jamestown
representative government system where people elect officials to speak on their behalf
pilgrim a person who travels somewhere to gain religious freedom
squanto american indian who worked with the pilgrims and interpreted for them
pocahontas a friend of the jamestown settlers, saved john smith from being executed by her tribe
anne hutchinson worked for religious freedom and women's rights in the colonies
borderland presidio forts built by spanish soldiers
pueblo american indian settlements; build houses out of adobe
junipero serra roman catholic priest; founded a mission in baja california
legislature body of government that makes the laws
bill of rights section of the constitution giving 10 rights to citizens(freedom of religion, speech, etc)
habeas corpus the right to a speedy trial
freedom of the press the right to circulate opinions without the government interfering
libel a false statement that is damaging a person's character
magna carta the people could not be taxed without representation and would be given a trial before anything was taken away
Salem witch trials women being accused of witchcraft; many killed
Similarities and differences between thirteen colonies South-farmers New England-sold slaves Middle-farmers, builders, merchants
How did the spanish establish colonies on the borderlands Spanish controlled English and threatened to enslave them. Florida colony of Spain grew
How did English ideas about government and trade affect the colonies The magna carta gave the people more rights to legal taxation and trials. The colonists brought these ideas to america with them
Why did the people in the 13 colonies think they were entitled to a trial by jury and right to own property? They brought these ideas from england with them
Created by: yttims
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