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First semester final

First semester final review

What were the contributions of the following explorers: Magellan, Columbus, and Vespucci? Amerigo Vespucci- North and South America named after him Magellan- sailed around the (world) tip of South America and into the Pacific Ocean.Columbus-realized that it might be possible to reach eastern countries (China, India) by sailing west.
Define or identify the "Starving Time in Jamestown" It was a very bad winter at Jamestown where only 60 of the original settlers made it through the winter.
Define or identify the "Columbian Exchange" It was the exchange of plants, animals, and diseases between Europe and the Americas after Columbus made contact in the "New World".
Define or identify the " Cash Crops" a crop that can be sold easily in markets
Define or identify the "Indentured Servant" Servants that serve until their fee is paid off
Define or identify the "The Two Physical features that separate the USA from the world" The Atlantic and Pacific Oceans
Define or identify the "Compass Rose" A Device that tells you which way is north, south, east,or west.
Define or identify the "Scale" The amount of distance one squre is
Define or identify the "Legend or Key" Symbols that tells you what is what on the map
Define or identify the "Application Mountain" Proclamation of 1763- Colonist couldn't go west of it
Define or identify the "Fundamental Orders of Connecticut" First Constitution and it expanded representative government
Define or identify the "Mayflower Compact" It was an agreement that the Pilgrims made to follow a set of rules. They felt they needed this because they ended up outside the boundaries of their original land charter.
Define or identify the "Intolerable act (and what was most intolerable)" Boston Harbor closed; town meetings banned, colonists forced to house British soldiers (Quartering Act)
Define or identify the "William Bradford" Plymouth Colony governor
Define or identify the "John Smith" important for discovering the new world
Define or identify the "Representative Government" where each government would represent it by the people
Define or identify the "Great Migration" It was the mass movement of Puritans out of England to other parts of the world, mostly to America.
Define or identify the "Quartering Act" It was a law that said colonists had to feed and house British troops in their own homes.
Define or identify the "Stamp Act" This was a tax on all official documents and also things like playing cards; the tax had to be paid in silver
Define or identify the "Townsend Act" indirect tax on colonist on supplies
Define or identify the "Sugar Act" lowered the tax on the molasses the colonists imported
Define or identify the "Tea Act" tax on tea
Define or identify the "Navigation Act" taxed on trade
Define or identify the "Founding of Pennsylvania" William Penn Founded it to practice religion freely
Define or identify the "Founding of New York" Samuel De Champlain founded it for trading post and natural resources
Define or identify the "Founding of Georgia" George founded it for poor people
Define or identify the "Thomas Paine" Wrote "common sense" to gain independence
Define or identify the "Enlightenment and key people" It was an increase in scientific advances and innovations. Locke, Newton, Galileo
Define or identify the "Great Awakening and key people" It was a religious revival during the 1700's.
Define or identify the "Proclamation of 1763 and why it upset the colonist so much" Colonist couldn't go pass application mountain so they couldn't trade.
Define or identify the "Boston Massacre" Where 5 colonist were killed
Define or identify the "Boston Tea Party" where tea was thrown off the ships
Define or identify the "Taxation without Representation" King Couldn't tax without a reason
Define or identify the "Key Grievances against King George 3" Wont let people trade with foreign countries an taxation without representation
Define or identify the "George Washington" Commander/leader og revolution and president
Define or identify the "Benedict Arnold" He helped win the Battle of Saratoga, but then became a spy for the British
Define or identify the "Patrick Henry" "give me liberty or give me death"
Define or identify the "Reasons why the Americans won the Revolutionary war (advantages)" Fighting on own land, and great leaders
Define or identify the "Advantages of the British in the Revolutionary War" More weapons, more people, loyalist support
Define or identify the "Battle of Lexington and Concord and the date" signaled the beginning of the Revolution,1775
Define or identify the "Battle of Saratoga and the date" It was the turning point of the Revolution and also the French decided to send aide at this point. 1777
Define or identify the " Winter Of Valley Forge and the date" It was bitter cold, the men had few supplies, many died of disease and there was very little food. 1777
Define or identify the "Treaty of Paris 1763" End of the French and Indian War where french gave up
Define or identify the "Treaty of Paris 1783" It was the treaty that the British signed giving America independence
Define or identify the "Strategy" a plan of action
Define or identify the "Marquis De Lafayette" He was a commander in the Continental Army
Define or identify the "Baron Von Steuben" Military Officer and helped train troops with weapon
Define or identify the "Northwest Ordinance" It set the rules for how we add states
Define or identify the "Land Ordinance" It divided land west of the Appalachians up into square plots called townships to be sold off
Define or identify the "Northwest Territory" All of the modern states of Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Michigan, and Wisconsin, as well as the northeastern part of Minnesota.
Define or identify the "Magna Carta" Limited power of the king
Define or identify the "Thomas Jefferson" Author of the Declaration of independence
Define or identify the "James Madison" Was the 'Father of the constitution"
Define or identify the "John Adams" A leader of the american revolution
Define or identify the "Federalism" sharing of power between national and state governments
Define or identify the "Constitutional Convention including location " Constitutional Convention was located in Pennsylvania and it is were they discussed the Articles because it was to weak
Define or identify the "Individual Rights" The 5 freedom that nobody can take away
Define or identify the "Popular Sovereignty" the belief that government is subject to the will of the people
Define or identify the "Republicanism" favoring a republic with elected representation as the best form of government
Define or identify the "Separation of Powers" a principle by which powers are divided among different branches of government to make sure no one branch has too much power
Define or identify the "Minuteman" during Revolutionary era, a civilian Sworn to be ready to fight with one minutes notice.
Define or identify the "Loyalist" remained loyal to Britain and opposed independence.
Define or identify the"Writs of Assistance" a court document allowing customs officers to enter any location to search for smuggled goods
Define or identify the "Tariffs" tax or duty to be paid on a particular class of imports or exports
Define or identify the "Unalienable Rights" basic natural rights of all human beings
Define or identify the "States' Rights" Reserved power
Define or identify the "Requirement to vote" You must be at least 18 and a citizen of U.S
Date for " Magna Carta, English Bill of Rights, Jamestown Stablished, Plymouth Established, Starving Time in jamestown,French and Indian War, Declaration of Independance, Articles of Confederation, U.S Constitution Written" Magna carta-1215 Jamestown- 1607 Plymouth- 1620 starving time- 1609-1610 French- 1754 – 1763 Declaration- 1776 article-1781 consitution- 1789
What are the Key Crops and Economics for the various regions of the 13 colonies? New england-fishing, whaling, ship building, lumber Middle - Wheat South-tobacco, rice, indigo, sugar cane
What were strengths and weaknesses of the Articles of Confederation"? Strengths- Independence Weak- No power to tax
Compare and Contrast the Virginia and New Jersey plans. Virginia- Large representation New Jersey- small representation Both- 3 branches
Key People and views of Federalist and Anti-Federalists> Federalist- for article ,Ben Franklin anti- against, George Mason + Patrick Henry
Key aspects of the first 19 Amendments. Gave rights to people
who were these people: De Gama, Cortes, Cabot, and Vespucci De Gama- First explorer to reach india.Cabot- sailer. Cortes- conquered aztec.
Created by: ahmedmaryam689
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