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Civil war

Slave codes laws that limit slave rights, give power to master of slaves to give harsh punishments and to control their slave in any way they want
Denmark Vessey a male slave, he bough his own freedom winning the lottery. He held meetings to plan violent slave protest in SC. He and 34 others were hung for this conspiracy
Tariff of Abominations tax on high imported duties for goods bough by Southern planters
Fredrick Douglass an escaped slave and abolitionist. His masters wife taught him how to read and write
Classes of the Antebellum Soth Planters, Yeoman farmers, poor whites, slaves
Underground Railroad a method used to help move slave from the south to free territory in the US and Canada
Harriet Tubman a runaway free slave that helped move over 300 people using the Underground Railroad
Missouri Compromise
Compromise of 1850
John C Calhoun
Nat Turner
Henry Clay
Wester-Hayne debate
Dred Scott vs. Standford
William L
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