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Ch. 3

History Final

Which of the following was outlawed by the Sherman Antitrust Act? Monopolies
Whose slogan was "Eight hours of work, eight hours of sleep, eight hours for what we will"? Knights of Labor
Which of the following were "push" factors for immigration? Religious persecution and military service
One example of the new urban middle-class entertainment was? Amusement parks
Over time, tensions arose between the owners of the railroads and Western farmers and ranchers over the issue of? High freight costs
With whom did federal courts tend to side in disputes over former Mexican land in the Southwest? Whites
Members of the Farmers' Alliance formed which political party to improve conditions for farmers? Populist
Which of the following helped the industrial expansion of the United States? The country's physical geopgraphy
Andrew Carnegie was the head of the? Steel indursty
To form cartels and trusts, smaller firms often were bought out by large corporations
The Sherman Antitrust Act outlawed Monopolies
What were the goals of the American Federation of Labor? To help improve wages, working hours, and conditions
Which of the following were "pull" factors for immigration between 1880 and 1920? Religious freedom and jobs
On the West Cost, most Chinese immigrants arrived through Angle Island
Which of the following would cause an immigrant to be sent back to his or her homeland? Disease
When immigrants settled in the cities, which of the following did most experience? life in crowded tenements
The growth of a middle class caused which of the following? The expansion of higher education
How did sharecropping affect farming in the South? Tenants farmers often remained in debt to landowners
Before the Civil War, Southern farmers were dependent on? Cotton
The Sioux defeated General Custer at the Battle of? Little Bighorn
The discovery of ____ attracted prospectors to the west? Gold
What form of transportation helped ranchers get their products to market? Railroads
Entrepreneurs herded _____ from the West on drived to cities such as Dodge City and Tombstone? Cattle
Read the excerpt
What did Gompers believe would result in fewer jails,reduced vice, and less crime? Better education
What did Gompers mean when he said that these are "the demands made by labor upon modern society"? organized labor focused on specific issues, such as better education and higher wages
The late 19th century was called the _____ because under the surface of prosperity lurked troubling issues. Gilded Age
Plessy v. Ferguson established the doctrine of? separate but equal
Which minority was prohibited from working at certain jobs by laws enacted in the Western States? Chinese Americans
A political movement that developed from Americans frustration with the federal government was called? populism
Which group wanted lower transportation costs, regulation of the railroads and the coinage of "free silver" Populists
One effect of Industrialization in the U.S. in the late 19th century was rise in urbanization
Which innovation extended the number of hours in a day that Americans could work and play? electricity
The appearance in many US cities of department stores, sporting events, theaters, amusement parks was evidence of what effect of industrialization? An increase in leisure time and disposal income of the urban middle class
Which labor leader founded the AFL Samuel Gompers
Labor Unions formed as a way to help workers improve working conditions
At processing stations officials met with immigrants to determine their medical condition and legal standing
The fighting at Wounded Knee turned into a massacre of indians including women and children
high illness rates, discrimination, and distrust of immigration policy kept the _____ from growing economically? South
Some Native American groups such as the ____ chose to fight being sent to reservations? Nez Perce
To keep African Americans from voting southern state required ______ before a person could vote poll taxes
what term was sometimes given to industries who built their fortunes by paying low wages robber barrons
rapid growth of cities led to overcrowding and shortages of housing
what native american ritual did federal officials ban fearing that it would lead to an ormed battle Ghost Dance
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