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caused the civil war slavery,secession,state rights
lincoln referenced in the declaration liberty,equality,democracy
clara barton red cross, aided ppl in the battelfields
the civil war began @ fort sumpter {Charleston,south craolina]
where the civil war ended Appomattox courthouse
Plessy v. ferguson established a doctorine separate but equal
13th amendment slavery is illegal
14th amendment defined all ppl born or naturalized within the US as citizens
15th amendment African American men can vote
lincolns vision for reconstruction quickly and painlessly as possible
civil rights act of 1866 gave African american the same as white ppl
California is a yankee 1850
transcontinental was completed and connected promontory point utah
gave free western and Midwestern homes if ppl lived there for 5 years homestead act of 1862
subsided the construction of the transcontinental rr pacific railway act
henry fords fame maker moving assembly line
labor force change machines took ppls jobs
an effect of the expansion of rrs rapid growth of cities
who own part of a business but don't make decisions for the company stockholders
new technologies in the steel manufacturing biz increased productivity in the rr industry
where did immigrants from overseas come from?? ellis island
a settlement house that helps ya hood hull house
naacp brung racial equality
journalists that exposed corruption and society muckrakers
a book written to expose corruption and problems of meatpacking plants the jungle
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