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Georgia Heroes

Who was born in 1696 in London, England? James Oglethorpe
Why was Oglethorpe able to go to school? His family was very wealthy
Where did James Oglethorpe work? In the Parliament where he made speeches to help protect poor people
Who did Oglethorpe have compassion for? Debtors and Prisoners
Where did Oglethorpe start a colony? North America
What did Oglethorpe name his colony? Georgia
Who was the colony of Georgia named for? King George II
What was the first settlement in Georgia called? Savannah
Who did Oglethorpe treat with respect? The Georgia Indians
Where did James Oglethorpe go to in 1743? He went back to England to help people
Who was the chief of the Yamacraw Creek Indians? Tomochichi
Why did the Yamacraw have respect for Tomochichi? Because he was honest
Did Tomochichi speak English? No
What was Tomochichi known for? He was known for his skill in trading with the settlers
The Creeks traded deer skins and food in exchange for what? English goods such as metal pots and cloth
What did the Creek women do? Grew crops such as corn, beans, squash, and melons
What did Creek men do? Hunted deer, turkeys, rabbits, and other animals
What did Tomochichi give Oglethorpe? A bison hide and an eagle feather. They became friends
Who was Mary Musgrove? The owner of a trading post and translator
Who were Musgrove's parents? Creek mother and her father was English
What 2 languages did Musgrove speak? Creek and English
Who did Musgrove help talk to each other? Oglethorpe and Tomochichi
Who was Coosaponakeesa? Mary Musgrove's Indian name
Georgia might not have been started without the help of whom? Oglethorpe, Tomochichi, and Mary Musgrove
What is a colony? A place that is ruled by another country
What is a settlement? Where people live when they first arrive in a new land
What does compassion mean? To care about and help others
What is liberty? Freedom from control by another
What is a trading post? A place for trading goods
What is a settler? A person who makes a home in a new place
What is everything we can know about the past? History
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