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5B Early Republic

First five presidents FOREIGN

What was George Washington's foreign policy? Neutrality and Isolationism
Why did Washington want to stay our of European conflicts? The U.S.A. was just getting started and involvement in foreign wars could destroy our own democracy.
What was Jay's Treaty? Deal with Britain whereby they removed their soldiers from the Ohio Valley during Washington's presidency
How did the French react to Jay's Treaty? The French began pirating our ships.
What did John Adams to do stop the French from taking our ships? Adams tried to negotiate with the French.
What is the XYZ Affair? The French tried to force Adams to pay TRIBUTE before they would talk to him.
What is tribute? Tribute means bribe
How did Adams react to the XYZ Affair? He refused to pay and began building war ships
What was Adams' greatest accomplishment as president? He avoided war with France
What is Impressment? The British began taking our commercial ships and forcing their crews to join the British Navy.
What was the Embargo Act of 1807? A law that made all foreign trade illegal, passed under Thomas Jefferson
How did the Embargo Act affect Americans? The inability to trade made them poor and angry at Jefferson
How did Jefferson fix the Embargo Act? Congress passed the Non-Intercourse Act which prohibited trade with England and France only.
Who fought the War of 1812? U.S.A. and Britain
Why did the U.S.A. fight the War of 1812? President Madison needed to stop British Impressment of American ships. Freedom of the Seas
What is the Monroe Doctrine? President Monroe warned Europe not to try to take any additional colonies in North or South America.
What is the Adams-Onis Treaty? The U.S.A. bought Florida from Spain in 1821.
5B Early Republic Foreign Issues
Created by: DuncanvilleYoung