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Geography Quiz

Geography quiz 12/16/16

Tectonic Plates a section of earth's crust that floats on earth's mantle
Land Locked surrounded on a ll sides by land, with no direct access to a seacoast
Deforestation The practice of cutting down forests for crops or urban use
Savannas grassland
Hydroelectric Power a source of energy that uses flowing water to produce enegry
Rift Vallies a deep valley formed when Earth's crust separated (East Africa)
Rain Forest a forest with warm temperatures, high humidity, and thick vegetation that receives more than 100 inches of rain each year
Basins a region drained by a river system
Missionaries a person sent by a religious organization to convert others to that religion
Malaria a serious disease caused by a mosquito
Mineral Resources Gold, daimond, copper, silver
Segregation separation buy race
Refugee a person who flees a place to find safety
Ethnic Group a group of people who share a common culture, language, and sometimes racial heritatge
Failed State a country in which government, economic institutions, and order have broke down
Pandemic an outbreak of disease that spreads over a wide geographical area
Epidemic an out break of disease affecting a great number of population in a particular community
Apartheid Cause In 1902, after wars, British and Dutch took over and split up African into black and white territories (blacks had less rights)
Apartheid Effects Blacks had worse and less land even though there were more of them. Whites had better jobs and some places blacks couldn't enter without a reason.
Colonialism Cause When Europeans colonized Africa they made new borders these were not good for Africans
Colonialism Effect Enemies were together and friends were apart they also led to wars
Desertification Cause caused by many factors including climate change and overpopulation
Desertification Effect places change into desert
Conflicts in Africa Today cival wars, health, segregation (colonialism, poverty, apartheid old)
Diseases in Africa Today Cause poverty, bad economy
Diseases in Africa Today Effect Malaria, Ebola, make people die and make population low
Natural Resources Helped the economy a lot and people can have wealth
Created by: ebuji124
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