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5A Early Republic

First five presidents DOMESTIC

Who were the first five presidents Washington, Adams, Jefferson, Madison, Monroe
Why did President George Washington need money? The U.S.A. has $81,000,000 in war debt from the Revolutionary War.
Who was the biggest supporter of a national bank? Alexander Hamilton
Which president has the first executive cabinet? George Washington
What was the Whiskey Rebellion? Farmers in Pennsylvania protested the federal tax on whiskey.
Why was the Whiskey Rebellion important to Washington? This was a threat to the power of the newly-formed federal government.
What were the Alien and Sedition Acts? Laws that allowed the president to jail people who criticized the government.
Why was the Sedition Act controversial? The first amendment protects free speech which includes the right to speak out against the government.
What were the Virginia and Kentucky Resolutions? State laws allowing the states to ignore (nullify) federal laws that they believed were unconstitutional.
What is nullification? Ignoring laws you don't agree with
What is a political party? a group of people gathered together for the purpose of influencing government
What was George Washington's political party? Political parties didn't exist in the United States until after Washington's term.
Who is considered the founder of the federalist party? Alexander Hamilton
Why didn't Alexander Hamilton ever run for president? He couldn't run for president because he wasn't born here.
Who is considered the founder of the Democratic Republican party? Thomas Jefferson
Which president is responsible for the Louisiana Purchase? Thomas Jefferson
Why is the Louisiana Purchase important? It doubled the size of the country.
Who was the Supreme Court justice in Marbury v. Madison? John Marshall
What was the court ruling in Marbury v. Madison? Judge Marshall created Judicial Review which made the Judicial Branch more powerful.
What was the court ruling in McCullough v. Maryland? States cannot tax the federal bank
What was the court ruling in Gibbons v. Ogden? The federal government can regulate interstate commerce, not the states.
Which president is associated with the Era of Good Feelings? James Monroe
5A Early Republic Domestic Issues