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revolution continued

As Spring moves towards Summer, what is Gen. Washington's concern? What is Gen. Howe going to do?
Gen. Washington figures that the outcome of Brandywine will be big. What does he think is possible? Win here and freedom is ours!
What did the Americans think of the British use of the bayonet? They thought it was a barbaric form of warfare.
How do the Hessians dupe Gen. Washington into believing they are the main threat at Brandywine? They move in and out of the forests and put Gen. Howe's supply wagons out In full view.
What is Gen. Howe's opinion of the American fighting force? He thinks they are ungentlemanly and unsoldierly because they don't fight like Europeans.
How are the Hessians used by Gen. Howe at Brandywine? He places them in the center to make Washington think that the main force is there.
Gen. Washington arrays his army to counter Gen. Howe. Where does he personally go? Gen. Washington goes south to confront Gen. Howe.
Overnight at Saratoga, each side strengthened its defenses. The next day, Burgoyne decided not to wait any longer and attacked Gen. Gates' line. What does Gates do? He attacked but cannot break Gen. Burgoyne's line
Gen. Howe routs Gen. Washington's force on the Brandywine. What does Gen. Lafayette do? He leads a bayonet charge to stop the British and is wounded.
How did the Americans convince the Iroquois to fight with them? They lived together and their help was needed.
After Gen. Burgoyne crosses Lake Champlain, he decided to go overland and spent three weeks cutting down trees, making roads and bridges. What does this delay allow? It gives Washington and his generals time to gather militia and transfer forces from the south.
Why does Gen. Howe quit the Colony of New Jersey? He doesn't want to fight against sharpshooters in the dense forests.
As Spring arrives in Morristown, from where does Gen. Washington get his new enlistments? Young men disadvantaged by the economy with no family ties to hold them back.
Why did Gen. Washington think the Saratoga Convention was ridiculous? Because it did not mean that a like number of soldiers would not be sent to replace Burgoyne's force.
How does Congress expect Gen. Washington to survive on the battlefield? They expect him to live off the land and get what he needs the same way the British do: take it from the people.
When Gen. Washington arrives in Morristown in 1777, he has some real problems to deal with His generals are arguing among themselves; the Congress doesn't want to be bothered; and, the Colonies want supplies they send to be used only by their people!
Which members of the Six Nations of the Iroquois sided with the British? Mohawk, Onondaga, Cayuga, and Seneca
Why was Gen Grey called "No Flint"? He would have his men remove the flints from their muskets and use the bayonet.
This was the most violent battle of the entire Revolutionary War: The Battle of Oriskany
What was so gruesome about the "Massacre at Paoli"? Gen Grey's men stabbed and burned the wounded Americans
While the Hessians hold Gen. Washington in place, what does Gen. Howe do? Gen. Howe sends 8000 men north under the command of Gen. Cornwallis to come in behind Gen. Washington's force.
The Iroquois did not want to fight on either side during the Revolutionary War. How were they convinced to fight by the British? The British demanded that they keep their word and uphold the Treaty they made with them.
What was Gen. Burgoyne's plan to defeat the Colonies? Divide and Conquer by splitting the New England Colonies from the rest of the Colonies and isolating them.
Which members of the Six Nations of the Iroquois sided with the Americans? Oneida and Tuscarora
What is Gen. Washington's attitude towards the Loyalists? He refuses to abuse them or take their belongings as long as they stay out of the fight.
Why was the Battle of Bennington a big deal? Gen. Burgoyne was denied needed supplies, lost 1000 men, and the rest of his Indian allies left him.
Gen. Anthony Wayne's men were the victims at Paoli. What was the biggest fear of the British soldiers afterward? That Gen Wayne's men would seek revenge.
At Bennington, the Hessians were told not to shoot at the loyalist soldiers who had white paper in their hats. What did the Americans do? They spoke German, heard the order, then Gen. Stark had all his men put white paper on their hats as well.
In the south, Gen. Washington decides that Gen. Howe is going to attack Philadelphia. He sets up his defense on Chadd's Ford on which creek? Brandywine Creek.
Gen. Washington develops a new battle strategy while at Morristown: He decides to use hit and run tactics and the concept of tactical withdrawal to save lives and resources.
Gen. Washington split his army into a Northern and Southern Department. Who commanded the Northern Department? Gen. Gates (The same guy that was kicked out of Trenton before that battle).
Who gave Gen. Howe the plan to defeat Gen. Washington in order to save his own neck? Gen. Lee, who was captured prior to the Battle of Trenton.
Congress is concerned about the potential of a British victory and occupation of Philadelphia. What actions do they take? They send observers out to approve Gen. Washington's positions.
By moving south, Gen. Howe has left another General high and dry up north. Who was that? Gen. Burgoyne
Gen. Washington asks Congress for cash incentives to raise the army. What does Congress do? They can't provide cash or anything else. The Colonies can and raise their own militias.
How was the war being received in Great Britain? It was not very popular! Even some members of Parliament sided with the Colonies!
After Gen. Howe has his men march 17 miles in 11 hours with full pack, what does he decide to do? Stop for tea!!!
Prior to the attack at Saratoga, what action had Gen. Gates taken against Gen. Arnold? Gen. Gates relieved Gen. Arnold of his command for complaining and confined him to his tent.
As Gen. Washington prepares to leave Morristown, what does the King think of the Colonists he is fighting? He thinks they still love him and will come back into line over time, giving up on this nonsense.
What is known as America's first September 11th? The Battle of Brandywine Creek.
What is Gen. Howe's nickname for Gen. Washington? The "Gray Fox"
Which is the largest battle of the Revolutionary War? Battle of Brandywine.
Which American General completed the rout of St. Leger by using a "crazed individual" to lie to him about the size of the enemy force approaching? Gen. Arnold
How did Gen. Washington keep track of Gen. Howe's movements after he left New York City? He established a series of coast watchers to look for Gen. Howe's 260 ship fleet
Did the Indian allies under Gen. Burgoyne simply leave after Bennington? The Indians held a council and decided to officially leave the force and go home. It was very deliberate.
St. Leger was forced to retreat at Oriskany how did this affect Gen. Burgoyne's plan? St. Leger never linked up with him, taking away a third of his planned envelopment.
What did Gen. Washington and the Congress think of the Saratoga Convention? Gen. Washington was furious and the Congress nullified the treaty.
Gen. Washington was hoping for one victory before going into winter quarters. Where was he hoping to achieve this victory? Germantown
The Colonies believed that anything they gave to Gen. Washington would be used for their people alone. What was Gen. Washington's attitude about that? He used any supplies provided for all his men
Gen. Howe has Gen. Washington on the run at Brandywine but then stops the attack. Why? His men were exhausted. He lost 33 to heat stroke and almost 2000 overall.
Gen. Howe can either go north to divide the Colonies, invade the Hudson River Valley; or, go south to threaten Congress. Which course of action does he choose? He goes south
Why is the Battle of Saratoga considered the Turning Point of the Revolutionary War? Because, for the first time, an entire British Army surrendered to an American force. It convinced France and Spain to formally ally with America and declare war against Great Britain.
When Gen. Burgoyne surrendered his Army, what did Gen. Gates decide to do with the British soldiers? He signed the Saratoga Convention, allowing the British to return to England and never return to fight in North America again.
Who helps Gen. Washington by bypassing the Colonies and Congress with direct support from Europe? Ben Franklin
Even though the Americans lost as many men as the British at the first encounter at Saratoga, they are pumped. Why? They have held against the best soldiers in the British army.
Why was Gen Arnold so upset at Saratoga with Gen. Gates? Gen. Gates failed to support him and took all the credit for the standoff.
Gen. Burgoyne lost provisions at Bennington, St. Leger's force and his Iroquois guides and fighters. What was he still hoping would happen? That Gen. Clinton would come north up the Hudson from New York City.
At the end of the Battle of Oriskany, what happened to the British Iroquois allies? They left the field and were never an effective fighting force for the British again.
Gen. St. Leger and his Iroquois ally, Joseph Brant, ambushed the American militia as they attempted to break the siege of Ft. Stanwix. Who led the American force? Gen. Herkimer
With summer arriving, what does Gen. Washington think of all this non-action by Gen. Howe? He has to fight while his troops are ready and eager.
Gen. Washington irritated the Colonies by using this term: "The United States"
What problems would Gen. Washington have with his men if he simply waited on Gen. Howe? An idle army gets in trouble; more men die in camp from disease than in battle; constant drilling leads to boredom and desertions.
Why was Gen. Burgoyne called "Gentleman Johnny" Because he wrote plays and was a partier.
Gen. Washington wanted to use the same tactics he used at Trenton to defeat the British. Did it work? No, fog and smoke confused the units and they ended up firing on each other. It was a disaster.
What is Gen. Howe's next move after Brandywine? He occupies Philadelphia 2 weeks later.
Why does Gen. Burgoyne travel with 2000 women and servants? He figured the campaign would be a piece of cake.
If Gen. Washington runs into any Loyalists that get in the way? He packs them up and sends them to live with the British.
In any war, the is always a "Center of Gravity" it is that critical piece of the puzzle and if you take away that then your enemy collapses. What did Gen Howe believe was the Center of Gravity for the American Revolution? General Washington! Remove him and it is over.
In the end, what happened to Gen. Burgoyne's army? The officers were sent back to England in disgrace and the soldiers were imprisoned in Charlottesville, Virginia for the rest of the war.
How does Gen. Washington find out that Gen. Howe's forces are behind him? Squire Cheyney rides 7 miles to alert Gen. Washington.
Gen. Burgoyne is forced to surrender his army to the Americans. However, if Gen. Clinton had arrived from New York City, that would not have happened. Where did Gen. Clinton go? He destroyed a couple of American forts, then went back to New York City. He had no idea what Gen. Burgoyne was going through.
Why did Morgan's sharpshooters kill Gen. Frazer? To leave the soldiers leaderless.
Who saves the day at Saratoga? Gen. Arnold rallies the forces and drives off the British against Gen. Gates' orders.
Why does Gen Washington's men often run low on food and clothing? He refuses to take anything not offered from the people.
This young Frenchman arrived in America to fight for Gen. Washington at the age of 19. Congress gave him a commission as a Major General. Who was this? Lafayette.
Created by: kayleeorourke
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