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Early Colonies

Test questions from the unit on early colonies

True or False: The Spanish monarchs did not support Columbus. False (They paid for his trip to go)
True or False: Alliances never shifted in 1500s Europe. False (Alliances were constantly shifting)
True or False: The Jamestown colonists were unsuccessful in establishing a permanent settlement. False (Jamestown is the first permanent English settlement in the Americas)
True or False: The French refused to trade with the natives in North America. False (they profited from trade with the natives)
True or False: Spain let its explorers keep any gold they found. False (they demanded at least 1/5 of all treasure found)
True or False: The Powhatan were named for their chief. True
True or False: France and England found a new peace when they came to America.. False (they fought for many years)
True or False: The first form of slavery, in Jamestown, was known as indentured servitude. True
True or False: A Colony is an area of land controlled by a government or country that is usually far away. True
True or False: The Jamestown colonists waged war with the Powhatan for over 100 years. False (20 Years)
True or False: Puritans came to America to start their own religion. False (They came to purify their religion)
True or False: The Puritans were tolerant of other religions. False (They did not tolerate other religions)
True or False: The Puritans were responsible for public education. True
Which man started the protestant movement by nailing a sheet of complaints to a church? Martin Luther
What was the primary complaint towards the Catholic Church? They had too much wealth and abused their power
Protestants got their name because they _______________ the practices of the Catholic Church. Protested
The Protestant movement started in which country? Germany
Who was the emperor of the Roman Catholic Empire? Charles V
European rulers could not depend on other countries for which of the following? Trade or Protection
Why did countries seek gold? To pay for war and soldiers
What was the purpose of the mercantilism system? To make the home country wealthy
Throughout the 1500’s, what was the primary cause of conflicts, in Europe? Divisions over religion
Spain’s primary enemy was Queen Elizabeth and which country? England
What strained (made them worse) relations between King Phillip and Queen Elizabeth? Elizabeth’s position on religion Raids against Spanish ships English assistance to rebels in Holland
How did the defeat of the Spanish Armada affect Eurpope? It changed the balance of power Spain lost control of the seas France and England were now able to establish colonies
Early explorers were given to job of finding which item? (its a way to get to Asia from Europe) Northwest Passage
Quebec and Montreal were settled on which river? St. Lawrence
The French profited greatly from the trade of which items? Fur and Fish
The Mississippi Valley was claimed for France and named for which King? Louis
French expansion was motivated by what? Religion and Economics
Dutch claims, in America, were based on which explorer’s findings? Henry Hudson
English colonies were established to provide which of the following? New markets for English Products Raw materials for English industries or A chance to look for the northwest passage All of them: New markets for English Products Raw materials for English industries A chance to look for the northwest passage
In order to establish a colony, what does one need to obtain from the king? A Charter
Roanoke was established in which present day state? North Carolina
Roanoke fell on hard times and finally disappeared, the only clue to where they might have gone was the word_________, carved onto a palisade. Croatoan
Which of the following was not a problem that Jamestown faced? Lazy Men, Salty Water, Deadly Mosquitoes, or Overpopulation Overpopulation
The first winter, Jamestown had lost 70 people or: 2/3, 3/4, 5/7, or 9/10 2/3 of the original 105 Colonists
John Smith was described as an English _________ and ____________: Soldier/Adventurer
John Smith’s philosophy was what? If you don't work, you don't eat.
John Rolfe saved Jamestown by doing what? Marrying Pocahontas
What crop gave the Jamestown colonists a chance to make a profit? Tobacco
The first Africans that came to Jamestown were brought by what group of people? Dutch
Although Jamestown started to thrive, things got worse when what happened? Pocahontas died in 1617 Colonists wanted to grow more tobacco on the native land Powhatan died in 1618
A colony controlled by the crown is known as what? A Royal Colony
Who had “veto” power in Jamestown? Governor
What was the first example of representative government in the Americas? The House of Burgesses
The English settlers came to the colonies, drawn by the promise of which concepts? Religious Freedom and Land Ownership
Before going ashore, the pilgrims signed which important document? Mayflower Compact
Which native brought the pilgrims seeds of native plants? Squanto
Which of the following does not belong; Magna Carta, Puritan Plan, House of Burgesses, or Mayflower Compact? Puritan Plan
What were the advantages that the English had over the Spanish Armada? Smaller ships, hellburners, bigger guns, the weather
Created by: Boone555
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