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Chapter 9 and 10

Almost every society has separated its members on the basis of certain characteristics, this division is society is called Social Stratification
Social Status within a society may either achieved or ascribed
A social status that is achieved is one that is open and mobile
A social status is ascribed is one that is closed and lifelong
Essay: List the characteristics of a Caste system closed and lifelong; immobility and inherited status; based on specific occupations
Essay: List the characteristics of a Class system open and mobile; Reward is determined by achieved status; Property, prestige, and power are important
Define Social Class: the grouping of people with similar levels of wealth, power, and prestige.
Essay: Identify the characteristics of the upper, middle, working and lower class system in America. see notes
Essay: What three groups are most affected by poverty Children, female headed households and minorities
A category of people who share inherited physical characteristics and who others see as being a distinct group. race
The set of cultural characteristics that distinguishes one group from another ethnicity
A group people who, because of their physical characteristics or cultural practices, are singled out and unequally treated. minority group
Essay: Identify at least three characteristics that distinguish minority groups. Identifiable physical or cultural characteristics; victims of unequal treatment; group membership is an ascribed status; Members share strong bonds and sense of loyalty; members tend to practice edogamy
Define prejudice: unsupported generalization about a category of people; involves attitudes and can be positive
Define Discrimination: denial of equal treatment based on group membership; involves behaviors
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