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P.E. Final

A player cannot ______ the net with a racket or body part during play. Touch
A birdie cannot come to rest on the _________. Racket
A birdie may hit the ___ on its way across during plat and the rally can continue. Net
A team of service is called an ___________ Inning
A player may not ______ ______ the net to hit the birdie Reach Over
A loss of a serve is called a _______ ____ Side Out
In class games will be plated to __ points and a match is 2/3 games. 15
A serve must travel _________ Diagonally
The racket must make contact with the birdie _______ the waist on a serve. Below
Even = ______ Odd = ________ Right/Left
An ark over the net with the birdie Clear
A drop right at the edge of the net Drop
A smack straight across the net Drive
A slammed down birdie into the other teams court Smash
Risk Factors of Coronary Heart Disease: 11 Hereditary, Smoking, Age, Gender, Obesity, Inactivity, High Blood Pressure, High Cholesterol, Diabetes, Stress, and Drugs
When creating a personal fitness plan, how do you decide which exercises to use? Principle and Specificity so you overload the system you want to improve.
When creating a personal fitness plan, how do you know how often you should exercising? Principle of Frequency so you maintain or improve system
When creating a personal fitness plan, how do you determine how long and at what intensity you should exercise? Principle of Overload, if your intensity increases then your duration can decrease
When creating a personal fitness plan, how will you determine when it is appropriate to increase either intensity or duration? Principle of Progression to increase the overload at a rate that takes into consideration injury prevention and steady improvement.
What is the importance of setting goals when creating a personal fitness plan? Motivated and on track
Every cell needs: Nutrients, water, rid of waste, and oxygen
The _______________ system is responsible for supplying O2 to every cell Cardiovascular
The ____ is the most important muscle in the body Heart
More oxygen can be met by: Increase respiration rate, increase heart rate, increase vessel dialation
The _____ atrium sends O2 ____ blood to the lungs for ________ through the __________ artery Right/ Poor/ Oxygen/ Pulumnary
The _____ atrium and ventricle receive O2 ___ blood from the lungs and sent it to the rest of the body through the _______ Left/ Rich/ Aorta
Benefits of exercise: 6 Strengthens heart, lowers resting heart rate, resists hardening of the arteries, lowers blood pressure, decrease risk of heart attack, and increase chance of surviving a heart attack.
Created by: 16esmith