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Rau SS U1 L3

6th Grade GIANTS Social Studies Vocabulary, Unit 1, Lesson 3

altitude/elevation how high something is often measured as a distance above the levels of oceans
capital city the center of government of a country or state often the most important place in a country
explorers people from other places who have come to a place that is new and unfamiliar to them Europeans came to South America in the late 1400's and early 1500's
earthquake violent shaking of the earth often caused by movements of the earth's crustal plates when pieces of the earth's crust collide or slide against each otner
highland area of higher elevation land hills, mountains
Inca Empire the people who lived in and ruled in the Andes Mountains in the 1400's and 1500's villages/ people were taken over by Spanish conquistadors
metal ores hard materials found in the ground in "younger" mountainous areas gold, silver, copper found in the Andes Mountains
parallel one line or area is lined up with another so that they are side by side and always the same distance apart rows of desks in a room
river system a large river and all of the smaller rivers that connect with it and carry water into it Amazon River
watershed all of the land area from which water flows into a river or stream also known as a river basin
volcano a mountain from which hot lava has flowed or pieces of rock and hot gas have exploded Mount St. Helens
plain a large area of flat land farmimg
plate boundary place where two pieces of the earth's crust meet if pieces collide, then mountains may rise up or earthquakes and volcanoes happen
subcontinent a big piece of a continent part of a larger land such as Asia
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