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Social studies Q2

Social Studies Q2

Which religious group established towns in the New England Colonies? PURITANS
Who was the leader of the PURITANS who helped set up the Massachusetts Bay Colony? JOHN WINTHROP
Each Puritan town had a simple building located in a common area where religious services and town meetings were held. MEETING HOUSE
Who believed that the church should be separate from the government? ROGER WILLIAMS
Who was put on trial for causing people to work against the government? ANNE HUTCHINSON
New England colonies relied on _________ for economic success. FISHING AND WHALING
Which religious group opposed war and felt people could pray in their own way? QUAKERS
A movement that called for a rebirth of religious ways of life was called the _______ GREAT AWAKENING
People who agreed to work for a certain time in exchange for passage to North America INDENTURED SERVANTS
Southern colonies exported many products from their ports including_________ TOBACCO AND RICE
Tax put on all paper goods passed by Parliament STAMP ACT
Meeting of colonial leaders in Pennsylvania to decide what colonists should do about the growing British threat FIRST CONTINENTAL CONGRESS
The _________ is often used as a symbol for peace OLIVE BRANCH
The first part (beginning) of the United States Constitution. PREAMBLE
The FIRST person to sign the Declaration of Independence JOHN HANCOCK
Who was surrounded at the Victory of Yorktown? CHARLES CORNWALLIS
Which of the following is a branch within the Untied States Government? Supreme Court
Name of English document that influenced the writing of the Bill of Rights. MAGNA CARTA
A formal agreement among nations, states, groups or individuals ALLIANCE
The French and Indiana War became a fight for control over which region? OHIO RIVER VALLEY
A sudden or complete change in government is called what? REVOLUTION
What proclamation said colonists could not buy land west of the Appalachian Mountains? PROCLAMATION OF 1763
Statement or slogan continually repeated by the colonists because of taxes. "NO TAXATION WITHOUT REPRESENTATION"
The busiest and largest PORT in the middle colonies was what? Philadelphia, PA
Europeans wanted gold, silk and spices from which continent? ASIA
When colonists stopped buying goods they were? BOYCOTTING
In the Mayflower Compact, the pilgrims agreed to work __________ FOR THE COMMON GOOD
The minute men were what? COLONISTS
In the South, large farms were called what? PLANTATIONS
One way in which all colonists were alike was that they all? WERE RULED BY GREAT BRITAIN
Created by: ThaddeusHunt
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