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Final Exam

What was the most important outcome of the Watergate Scandal? Nixon Resigned
Which law was passed due to President Garfield's assassination? Pendleton Act
This Robber Baron believed in giving to charities only if the money would be spent wisely. Andrew Carnegie
This proposed alliance involved Mexico and Germany during World War I Zimmerman Note
Tennessee state representative Harry Burn's vote officially made Tennessee the final member of the _________________________ Perfect 36
This President believed "Rugged Individualism" could get the U.S. out of the Great Depression. Herbert Hoover
Which amendment banned the buying, selling and transporting alcohol? 18th
Where were Japanese-Americans placed during World War II that caused many of them to lose their homes and businesses? Internment Camps
In the 1980s President Reagan used Supply-Side Economics or Reaganomics to cut ______________. Taxes
Which foreign policy was used by President Nixon to ease Cold War tensions with China and the Soviet Union? Detente
Which event had the greatest negative impact on President Jimmy Carter's administration? Iranian Hostage Crisis
What would have been the greatest difference between an industrial capitalist and a farmer during the Gilded Age? Their Income
He came to symbolize political corruption during the Gilded Age Boss Tweed
Which group was helped the most by Granger Laws? Farmers
Which law gave Congress jurisdiction over all goods that crossed state lines? Interstate Commerce Act
This industrial giant created a monopoly with Standard Oil John Rockefeller
He believed that African Americans could gain social equality by proving their value through their work skills. Booker T. Washington
Many wealthy business leaders were called ______ because of the unfair prices they charged. Robber Barons
She helped poor immigrants adjust to life in America's large cities in the late 1800s. Jane Addams
The first ________ were formed in the late 1800s to get safer conditions, higher wages and shorter work days. labor unions
Boss Tweed would have supported _________, which occurs when politicians take bribes and kickbacks. Graft
He used his photographs and books to help reform tenement houses Jacob Riis
These laws passed in Southern states were intended to keep the races segregated in public places Jim Crow Laws
He gave the Cross of Gold Speech to expand the U.S. Money Supply William J. Bryan
The U.S. Senate rejected this portion of Woodrow Wilson's 14 Points Plan because it feared the U.S. would lose its independence League of Naitons
This item would allow the people to originate a bill instead of law makers. Initiative
Imperialism, Yellow Journalism and the sinking of the U.S.S. Maine were all factors that led to the beginning of _______________________. Spanish-American War
He benefited more than any other American from the Spanish-American War. Teddy Roosevelt
He was a conscientious objector from the state of Tennessee, that became the most decorated soldier of World War I Alvin York
He said that his 14 Points Plan would bring "A Just and Lasting Peace" after World War I President Woodrow Wilson
Which two countries were involved in the Zimmerman Note? Germany and Mexico
The U.S., Russia, France and _________ were the major allies during World War I Great Britain
This statement declared to the world that the United States would be the policeman of Latin America Roosevelt Corollary
What was the name of Teddy Roosevelt's foreign policy? Big Stick
She led the fight in the state of Tennessee to get women's suffrage passed. Anne Dallas Dudley
Who said, "The Business of America is Business"? President Calvin Coolidge
Great American authors that left the United States during the 1920s Lost Generation
Rebirth of art, music and literature in an African American section of New York City during the 1920s Harlem Renaissance
Which amendment was the Prohibition Amendment? 18th
Which group profited the most from the activity of the Prohibition Era? Organized Crime
This event symbolized the growing conflict between science and religion in America during the 1920s. Scopes Trial
The Federal government saw a tremendous growth in its power and influence with the enactment of FDR's _________________. New Deal
This New Deal agency tried to help American farmers by keep crop prices high AAA
This New Deal agency provided insurance for savings accounts FDIC
Which New Deal agency took young men from the city streets and put them to work in the nation's national parks? CCC
FDR responded to the Supreme Court rejecting some acts of the New Deal by trying to ___________________ Pack the Supreme Court
Many believed that Sacco and Vanzetti were convicted and executed because they were connected to _________________________ Anarchy
She was a birth control activist, sex educator and writer. Margaret Sanger
What was the secret code name for the plan to build the first atomic bomb? Manhattan Project
He was FDR's Secretary of State, a Tennessee Congressman and he would become known as the Father of the United Nations. Cordell Hull
Native Americans from this tribe became "Code Talkers" in the Pacific Theater during World War II. Navajo
June 6, 1944 the Allies landing in Normandy, France and developed a foothold in Europe D-Day
The Doolittle Raid, Midway, Iwo Jima and Okinawa all were major events of World War II that took place in the ___________________ Theater. Pacific
Japan finally agreed to surrender after the second atomic bomb destroyed this city on August 9, 1945. Nagasaki
She encouraged women to go to work in the defense industries during World War II. Rosie the Riveter
The heroic 101st Airborne trained at this fort on the Tennessee -Kentucky Border. Fort Campbell
Who was the Communist dictator of the Soviet Union during the 1930 and 1940s that killed millions of his own people? Joseph Stalin
After World War II, many countries in Europe feared falling to the Soviet Union so many of them joined this U.S. led military alliance. NATO
In 1962 an American U2 spy plane discovered that the Soviet Union were places missiles in the country of ____________________. Cuba
Which American President pledged to put a man on the moon before the end of the 1960s? John Kennedy
Who said " That's one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind"? Neil Armstrong
The Berlin Airlift, the Marshall Plan, and Truman Doctrine were all a part of this U.S. foreign policy to stop the expansion of communism. Containment
What was the foreign policy failure for President Kennedy's administration in Cuba in 1961? Bay of Pigs
What was the name of the Plan to rebuild Europe's economy after World War II so those countries would not turn to Communism? Marshall Plan
What caused the U.S. to create NASA, join the space race and place an emphasis on math and science in U.S. schools? Sputnik
Who was the famous Senator and Communist fighter that was destroyed on T.V. as he led an investigation into the U.S. Army? Joe McCarthy
What were many U.S. families building in their backyards during the Red Scare of the 1950s? Bomb Shelters
Which famous doctrine was created by the Plessy V. Ferguson Supreme Court Decision? Separate but Equal
Who was the leader of the SCLC? Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.
Who was the Civil Rights Leader that called for violence if necessary and was a member of the Nation of Islam? Malcolm-X
Who was the female from the Nashville area that led numerous Sit-Ins all over the South? Diane Nash
He was a Civil Rights leader that wanted a separate society for African Americans and he promoted "Black Power." Stokely Carmichael
The members of SNCC and other Civil Rights protesters rode buses through the South to desegregate bus stations. They were called _______________. Freedom Riders
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