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Mr. Stickler's Liberty Christian Honors HIST 1st Smstr. Final 2016

What happened during the X, Y, Z Affair (in general)? The U.S. sent 3 diplomats to negotiate peace with France but weren't allowed to meet the French Foreign Minister. Instead they met with 4 French mediators, who made outrageous demands on behalf of the French Foreign Minister. (Pg. 200 - 201)
What was the Alien Act? It authorized the president to deport any foreigner he judged "dangerous to the peace and safety of the United States". (Pg. 202)
What was the Alien Enemies Act? It permitted the president to banish or imprison any foreigner he considered dangerous during national emergency. (Pg. 202)
Who or what were "X,Y, and Z" (during the "X,Y,Z Affair")? These were the code names given to the French mediators who met with U.S. diplomats instead of the Marquis de Talleyrand.
What was the "Columbian Exchange"? This was the name given to the trading of people, plants, and animals among Europe, Africa, and North America.
List two (2) ways that the American landscape was changed by the introduction of European plants and animals. 1. Imported animals were used to clear trees and undergrowth, which changed the flow of water over the land; 2. Imported plants spread until they choked out indigenous ones.
What is the significance of plants such as beans, squash, chilies, and maize to understanding the development of the first civilizations in North America? These allowed an agricultural revolution to begin in North America, which allowed tribes to settle in a place for longer periods of time. It also led to significant population increases.
How did the "task labor system" allow slaves in the Lower South to have some control over the pace of their work & to have some chances to manage their free time? This happened because they had little or no contact with "white society". (Pg. 83)
What was the main argument of Enlightenment Thinkers? This group argued that reason (or rational thinking) rather than divine revelation, tradition, intuition, or established authority, was the true path to reliable knowledge and to human progress. (Pg. 90)
What is the Social Contract Theory? This is the idea that people must give up a little bit of their freedom to the government in exchange for their protection. (Pg. 91)
Who came up with the idea of the Social Contract Theory? John Locke. (Pg. 91)
What was the Great Awakening? A series of religious revivals that began in the 1720's. It started in Massachusetts and spread rapidly through the Colonies. (Pg. 92)
What was 'Common Sense'? This was a pamphlet written by Thomas Paine in January 1776. (Pg. 129)
What was "Common Sense's' message to Colonial readers? The pamphlet "attacked the sanctity of the monarchy head-on". It challenged the idea of a hereditary ruler, questioned the value of monarchy as an institution, and criticized the character of the men who ruled as kings". (Pg. 130)
What are the 3 parts of the Declaration of Independence? 1. A statement of the Colonies' intent to separate from Great Britain; 2. A list of grievances against King George III; 3. A statement declaring the Colonies as being free and independent from British rule.
What is a "broadside"? "An advertisement, public notice, or other publication printed on one side of a large sheet of paper". (Pg. 112)
What was the Olive Branch Petition? A petition drafted by the members of the First Continental Congress. It informed King George III that armed resistance in the Colonies would stop if the king withdrew British troops from the Colonies & revoke the Intolerable Acts. (Pg. 129)
List three (3) causes of the Battles of Lexington and Concord. 1. King George III's desire to stop all anti-British resistance; 2. King George III's orders to arrest John Hancock & Samuel Adams; 3. the Patriot's determination to continue to resist the British & safeguard Hancock & Adams. (Pg 128)
What were two (2) things that American republicanism expected mothers to instill in their children after the Revolutionary War was over? Mothers were expected to instill patriotism in their children as well as provide them with a formal education as future citizens. (Pg. 158)
What were three (3) issues that Gen. Washington's troops faced at Valley Forge? 1. Blankets, coats, & firewood to keep warm were scarce; 2. Almost no food was available; 3. Enlisted men shared very cramped quarters. (Pg. 145)
Who was Baron Friedrich von Steuben? He worked with Gen. Washington's Continental Army during their winter camp at Valley Forge in 1778. He taught them military skills such as how to set up proper camps to keep them sanitary & hand-to-hand combat skills. (Pg. 146)
What does the term "republican womanhood" mean/refer to? This term refers to the practice of mothers and wives helping to sustain American values and raise a new generation of concerned citizens" during the Revolutionary War.
Why was Benjamin Franklin sent to Paris, France in 1776? He was sent to France to try to encourage the French to join our side and help America defeat the British and win independence. (Pg. 147)
How were upper class urban wives and mothers able to devote time to raising their children according to "republican value systems"? Upper class, urban wives and mothers were able to do this because they no longer needed to devote time to making cloth, candles, or butter as they had during the Revolutionary War. (Pg. 157 & 158)
Why did state militias and the Continental Army resort to impressment of soldiers to fill their ranks during the Revolutionary War? Enlistment dropped due to soldiers not being paid because the government ran out of money.
What is the difference between a 'direct tax' and an 'external tax'? A direct tax is used to raise money ('revenue') vs. regulating trade. An 'external tax' is used to regulate trade with other nations. (Pg. 112)
What does the term "economic depression" mean? This term refers to a "period of drastic economic decline, marked by decreased business activity, falling prices, and high unemployment". (Pg. 111)
Why did the 1st Great Awakening begin? This event began because some Christians had begun to disassociate themselves with the religious practices of the time. It was also thought that there was also a general complacency toward religion.
Created by: sticklerpjpII
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