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Wildcat SS Koch

Chapter 3 Lesson 3

A store at an unsettled area where trading and bartering are done is called a _________ trading post
A salt spring is called a _______ lick
A group of people who meet to talk and make decisions is called a _______ council
Name the 6 different groups of Native Americans 1) Ottawa 2) Wyandot 3) Mingo 4) Miami 5) Shawnee 6) Delaware
What were the Native Americans called when they returned to Ohio in the 1700's? Historic Indians
The Historic Indians wrote down their _________ history/records
Name three reasons the Native Americans moved to Ohio 1) to search for hunting grounds 2) because they fought with other groups of Native Americans 3) because they were pushed off their land by Europeans
We have used Native American names to name our _________, ___________ and _________ Forests, rivers and cities
Name three things each group had its own of Language, religion, customs, beliefs, holidays, cultures, leaders (choose any 3)
The Native Americans Life centered around _______ family
Name three types of shelters the Native Americans lived in 1) Longhouse 2) Wigwam 3) Teepees
What type of shelter can several families live in and are 100 feet long? Longhouse
What type of shelter is a round hut and usually only one family lives in each? Wigwam
What type of shelter is built by hunters away on summer hunts and holds only a few people? Teepees
How long is a Longhouse? 100 ft
Both _________ & ___________ respect their leaders. parents and children
Leaders were chosen by a ___________ council
Leaders were chosen because of their ________ and __________ bravery and wisdom
Why did the Native Americans follow the rules of the leaders? They didn't want to lose the respect of their neighbors, family and friends.
The Native Americans celebrated the harvest by having a _________ festival
Two things the Europeans brought to the Native Americans were ______ and _______ guns and disease
What two things did the Native Americans believe all things had? spirit and a soul
Who did the Native Americans believe owned the land? no one
Created by: Gkuche
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