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PersonWhat they did
Leif Ericson Established a colony in Vinland, Viking
Eric the Red Viking established colonies in Iceland and greeland
Christopher Columbus Italian who sailed for Spain, sailed to America and claimed it for Spain
Isabella and Ferdinand Spain rulers who gave Columbus money to sail
John Cabot Italian who sailed for England, Lander in Newfoundland, established the claim of England in North America
Amerigo Vespucci Italian sailing for Spain, Reached South America, realized the new land was not Asia, America named for him
Juan Ponce de Leon Spanish explorer, 1st to land in Florida, Looked for Fountain of Youth, named Florida (land of flowers), held first mass in U.S
Giovanni Verranzano Italian sailing for Spain, find NY harbor, Hudson River, sails down east coast of the future U.S
Jacques Cartier French explorer, sails up St. Lawrence Riv. claims the territory for France
Hernando de Soto Spanish explorer, explores from Florida to Mississippi, discovers the Mississippi Riv. where he was buried
Francisco Coronado Spanish explorer, explored the future SW U.S. while looking for the 7 cities of Cibola (gold)
St. Augustine Founded in 1565 by the Spanish, oldest city in U.S.
Samuel de Champlain French explorer, "Father of New France,"
Henry Hudson Dutch explorer, found the Hudson Riv. and Hudson Bay, following a mutiny he and his son were left adrift in the Hudson Bay
Junipero Sera Franciscan priest, established many missions in Cal.
Columbian Exchange The exchange of foods, and diseases between Europe and America
Fr. Jacques Marquette and Louis Joliet Explored the Mississippi Riv. and found it mouth
Rene Robert Cavelier de la Salle French explorer, claimed the Mississippi Riv. for France