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Co Exam II

Colorado Exam II

After a meeting in Auroria (1859), territory delegates decide to create a free state. This illegitimate territory will later become Co but was known as______? Jefferson Territory
________W. Steele was the illegitimate Governor of Jefferson Territory. Robert W. Steele
The only thing to come of the Auroria delegate meeting? The name Colorado
Colorado as a legitimate territory? Feb. 28, 1861
Which president signs the Colorado state territory status? James Buchanan (2/28/1861)
A person that supports the union of the United States? Unionist
It was the union vs the ________? The confederacy
First TRUE Governor of Co? William Gilpin
William Gilpin is despised after giving out false treasury drafts to fund which volunteer militia? 1st Regiment of the Colorado Infantry
In order to save the San Juan Mtns gold filled mines and the surrounding territory, the 1st Regiment of the Colorado Infantry fought and stood off the confederate soldiers at _______ Pass. This is known as the ____________________. Glorietta Pass; The Battle of Glorietta Pass 1862
Second official Colorado Governor? John Evans
In 1864 a family of four were slaughtered & mutilated at the hands of Co Indians, this is known as the? The Hungate Massacre. Nathan Hungate, his wife and their tweo children.
Which type of Indians were the main hostile threat in Colorado in the late 1860s? Northern Cheyenne
After the 1864 Hungate Massacre what became of the bodies? They were exhumed (the Indians had buried them) and put on public display in Auroria to create mass fury against the Indians.
Leading up to the Sand Creek Massacre Chief Black Kettle (Southern Cheyenne) attempts to keep peace. He & 7 others meet at Fort Lyon with ____________ & ______________. Ed Wynkoop and Gov. John Evans
Black Kettle is associated with the peaceful __________ Cheyenne. Southern Cheyenne
Sunrise, on Nov. 1864 Chivington orders 800+ troops to attack the encampment at Sand Creek. This is known as? The Sand Creek Massacre-- 1864
The only officer against the attack and Sand Creek and refuses to follow the attack order? Captain Silas Soule
The largest legal and technical Indian (Arapahoe & Cheyenne) relocation in US History. Movement to reservations are a result of which tresaty? The Medicine Lodge Treaty--1867 After this treaty/migration Eastern Colorado plains are finally open for settlement.
When was the Homestead Act created? 1862
160 acres for 5 years after which you improve the lands and it's yours describes the? The Homestead Act of 1862
Rural, agricultural (irrigation is huge) & isolated where safety is in numbers describes? The Colony Plan of Settlement
Also known as "cooperative colonies" Greeley gets its start as? A utopian socialism society aka "cooperative colonies"
Who lead the German colony of homestead squatters in the Wet Mountain Valley? Carl Wulsten
Carl Wulstens homestead squatting colony was known as the? The Wet Valley Colony
Agricultural editor of the N.Y. Tribune who had experience with co-operative colonies in Ohio, believes this is possible in Colorado. Nathan C. Meeker
Originally called Union Colony Greeley is named for ____________, who had large investments into Union Colony. Horace Greeley
Horace Greeley in not supported by all in Colorado as he is originally from? New York
Greeley's original name was? Union Colony
Leader of the Ute nation, known as "the white mans friend" who, like Black Kettle, wants no more loss of life. Chief Ouray-- uncompahgre Ute
This man was an Indian agent (a tyrant) who forced the Utes (after their submission) to stop horse racing & hunting, and forces them to embrace agriculture and kill many of their horses. Nathan Meeker
Ute Indians attack the Indian agency in Sept 1879 killing Nathan Meeker and 9 of his employees; hold his wife and daughter captive for 23 days. This is known as? The Meeker Massacre 1879
This battle ends the Ute uprising after the Meeker Massacre, after US troops arrive. The Battle of Milk Creek
Chief Ouray signs this treaty in 1873, giving over 4 million acres of Ute territory to the US government. The Brunot Treaty 1873
Gold and Silver were mined here. It is the earliest supply hub for local mountain miners. Silverton, Co
This act required the US Govt. to purchase silver and was revoked by President Grover in in 1893, leaving Silverton to rely solely on tourism for economic stability. The Sherman Silver Purchase Act (revoked in 1893)
The 1st mine plot in Telluride mined zinc, lead, copper, iron ore, gold and silver and was called the ______________ claim. The (Telluride) Sheridan Claim
This was the 1st town in the country to use alternating current electric power. Telluride, Co
Man that was behind the Telluride Sheridan claim? John Fallon
After the miners leave for war, Telluride becomes a tourist destination for ____ gold? White Gold (A snow/ski destination)
Originally a mining town, known as the "two mile high city", the highest incorporated city in the country ___________ is located at the bottom of Mt. Elbert. Leadville
This man grubstakes and becomes the "Silver King" of Leadville? He also builds the Tabor Opera House, is also known for being the richest man in the world (before the industrial revolution). Horace Tabor
Metallurgist that discovers silver in the sediment and begins to buy abandoned claims? Alvinius Wood
Leadville was originally gold miners and replaced ______ city. Oro City
Eventually known as the "cultural mecca" of Leadville, and competed with a hanging (and lost) on its opening night. Tabor Opera House
This man was a bit of a vigil anti known to Leadville, had an altercation with bad guy Billy Allen. He liked to drink and gamble and moved to Leadville for TB relief. Doc Holiday
Largest ice structure ever in the United States, located in Leadville, that was 58,000 square feet and housed restaurants, a dance hall, and ice rink and hills for sledding. The Crystal Palace
This embraced federal communal space to feed cattle, mainly in the San Luis Valley and had no boundaries. Open Range Cattle Ranching
This is a Mexican cowboy that American West ranching styles were modeled after. (Taken from the Spanish) Vaqueros
This was founded and lead by cattle hand Charles Goodnight, who drove longhorn from the AK river to Pueblo. Rock Canyon Ranch on the Goodnight-Loving trail
These men monopolized the public domain (open range), using fences to block water sources and were from Scotland. Jones Brothers/J.J. Ranch
Branding season is in the Spring time and serves what purpose? To differentiate one head of cattle from another.
This trail ran from San Antonio, TX to Cheyenne, WY in order to herd long-horns. The Goodnight-Loving trail system
The series of winters from 1886-1887 that killed most (90% of)cattle and destroyed most ranches, leading to the fencing of cattle for better care and protection. The Great Die Off (Winter 1886-1887)
This was the attack by the National Guard and the Colorado Fuel & Iron Company on a tented mining town of striking coal miners and their families. Most were immigrants, working as colliers. The 1914 Ludlow Massacre
Colliers Coal Miners
Massacre in which 2 dozen miners wives and 11 children were killed-- suffocated, hiding within a fallout under a tent. The Ludlow Massacre 1914
Chief Owner of CF&I who's image was under scrutiny after the Ludlow Massacre? John D. Rockefeller , Jr
The South Colorado Coal Strike (1914-1915) was initiated by an outside party that had the miners interest. It was called? United Mine Workers of America
Ludlow was the Colorado Coal Strikes deadliest incident, after wards miners attacked and destroyed mines for ______ days? Ten Days
Many colliers lived in company towns that had company stores and company housing. What type of currency were the miners given by CF&I in order to maintain control over the immigrants lives? Script, not US currency that was only recognized as such within the company town. The idea to keep them secluded, better controlled.
_________ are the voice of united workers. Unions
Major union that instigates the Ludlow Massacre. United Mine Workers of America
How many demands of UMWA at Ludlow? Seven
People that are hired to do your job during a strike aka strike breakers. Scabs
Hired Mercenaries brought in by CF&I to watch mining camp. Terrorized the camp with shots, searchlights, armored car with a machine gun known as "the death special". Baldwin-Felt Detective Agency
What happened that made the mercenaries/CF&I destroy Ludlow? The strikers killed a scab, his body was found near the railroad tracks.
Who agrees to meet with the National Guard in an attempt to diffuse the Colorado Coal Strike? Luis Tikas
Governor that called the National Guard to assist at Ludlow? Governor Elias Ammons
After Ludlow a large gorilla style war ensued, this is referred to as? Colorado Coalfield War
President during the Colorado Coalfield War & Ludlow Massacre? President Wilson
Which County was hit the hardest during the Dustbowl? Baca County
The Dust Bowl (1931 and on) was also known as? "The Dirty Thirties"
Worst environmental disaster in CO history, Millions of tons of loosened topsoil from a decade of agriculture preceded this event? The Dust Bowl
After Pearl Harbor, the Japanese population was relocated to concentration camps in Baca County, Co. known as? The Amache Japanese Relocation Camp aka Camp Granada
In Feb. 1942 President F.D. Roosevelt signed the order that would remove Japanese American citizens as well as aliens from the West Coast to Amache Relocation Camp, this was known as? Executive Order 9066
Governor of Colorado at the time of the Japanese Relocation of executive order 9066. Governor Ralph L. Carr
How often did Japanese families get to leave to go shopping away from Amache? Once a month
Who were the 1st to publically and privately support the Japanese community? The Colorado Council of Church Women of the Rocky Mountain Region & the Denver Council of Churches
Executive order targeted the Japanese or any "enemy/threat" to national security? Any threat to security but was used to relocate the Japanese exclusively.
Norwegian Snowshoes aka? Skis
Skis were first used for what purpose in the Colorado Mountains? To assist the mail carriers of the Rocky Mountains
As early as 1861 a Methodist minister/mailman skied to isolated mining camps in the Summit/Leadville area, what was his name? Father Dyer
Early skies in the Rockies were made from? Ashwood
Early ski enthusiast that started a ski club? (cross country skiers rather than downhill rec. at this point) Al Johnson
1883 First avalanche that kills a mail carrier in_____? Silverton
In 1911, skiing in Colorado takes a change due to Norwegian Ski Champion_____? (Ski Jumper) Carl Howelsen
Opened in 1914 and is the oldest remaining ski area in Co. (Olympic ski jumpers still train there) Howelsen Hill
Two ski areas that opened in 1937? Loveland Ski Area & Berthoud Pass Ski Area (closed 1990)
Who has the 1st ski train making skiing an accessible day trip? Winter Park
Skiing in Co booms after WWII because of? The veterans that trained at Camp Hale
Near Leadville and home of the 10th Mountain Division? Camp Hale
________trained at Camp Hale near Leadville to fight in the Italian Mountains. The 10th Mountain Division
Camp Hale is the heart of? Ski Cooper
At 13,050 ft. this is the highest skiable area in America. A. Basin or Arapahoe Basin
In 1947 the 1st chair lifts in Colorado were at? A. Basin
A remote ski area that attracts elite vacationers. Telluride circa 1972
By 1970 the world recognizes Colorado as a ski destination or? Colorado Ski Country, USA
What year did Colorado win the Winter Games Olympic Host bid but ultimately decline due to financial burden? 1976
The father of Snowboarding also known as? Jake Burton
Rope on a snowboard thing (snow surfer) also known as? Snurfer
First Mountain to open its slopes to snowboarders for competitions in 1981? Ski Cooper
In 1985 this was the first major ski resort in the country to allow snowboarders on the slopes, recreationally. Breckenridge Snowboarding
Opened in 1972 and still operable today. Copper Mountain
The correct term used to describe the plant and its products? Cannabis
Marijuana was first used medicinally in? Tinctures, elixirs and tonics. Mostly used by women.
Under this act the use and cultivation of marijuana without a license is a federal crime. Also known as the marijuana stamp act. Marijuana Tax Act of 1937
First person arrested under the Marijuana Tax Act? 50 year old Sammuel R. Caldwell
Republican that initiated the first re-legalization of marijuana in Colorado? Michael Strange
This act allowed for cancer and glaucoma patients to use medical marijuana. The Dangerous Drugs and Therapeutic Research Act (Governor Dick Lamm)
In 2000, this amendment legalized limited amounts of medical marijuana for patients and their caregivers. Amendment 20
This pushed and passed the CU & CSU recreational enjoyment of marijuana on campuses. Same penalties as alcohol if caught on campuses. Persons 20yrs and older. The Mason Treat
The _______ was responsible for the Colorado green rush and allowed the medical user and caregiver (dispenser of) amnesty of federal prosecution. Signed by David______. The Ogden memo; David Ogden
2006 statewide measure that failed, with 58% against the legalization of marijuana in Colorado. Amendment 44
In 2012 this amendment passed with 55% in favor of the legalization of marijuana in the state of Colorado. Amendment 64
New Years day of 2014, also known as? Green Wednesday
Which Governor, (though leery of) signed amendment 64-- the legalization of marijuana in Colorado? Governor John Hickenlooper
Jack Dempsey formerly known as? Hiram Dempsey
The fight against Jess Willard made Jacky Dempsey ___________. Heavyweight Boxing Champion 1919
The fight against Gene Tunney made Jacky Dempsey__________. Lose his heavyweight title and eventually retire 1926
Jacky Dempsey was known as? The Manassa Mauler
Jewish Oppression as a movement? Anti-Semitism
Rematch between Dempsey and Tunney known as? The Long Count Fight
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