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SS Am Revolution #4

The American Revolution Lesson 4

What happened on July 1780? French warships appeared off Newport, Rhode Island.
What were the French ships carrying? French soldiers
Who was the leader of the French troops? Comte de Rochambeau
Where did Rochambeau meet up with Washington? North of New York City
When did they plan to attack the British in New York? If and when the second French fleet arrived.
When did the second wave of French ships arrive in New York? They didn't.
Where did Lafayette have Cornwallis pinned down? Yorktown
What type of geographical feature is Yorktown? A peninsula.
Because the second wave of French ships headed to fight the British at Chesapeake Bay, Washington and Rochambeau decided to advance on the British at _____ instead of New York. Yorktown
Why did Washington keep his new strategy a secret? He wanted Clinton to think the Patriots still planned to attack at New York.
How many miles did Washington's and Rochambeau's armies march in 15 days? 200
What four forces were going to face battle at Yorktown? Lafayette's troops, Washington's and Rochambeau's army, the French Fleet and Cornwallis' troops
How many American and French troops were gathered to fight at Yorktown? 14,000
How many British troops and Hessians were gathered to fight at Yorktown? 8,000
What did the Americans and French do to try to make the British surrender at Yorktown? They began a siege to block off the British supply and escape routes.
When did Cornwallis surrender to Washington? October 19, 1781
How many British soldiers were taken prisoner at Yorktown? 8,000
What song was played by a French band at the surrender ceremony? "Yankee Doodle"
Which battle convinced the British that the war was too costly to pursue? Yorktown
Who were the three American delegates sent to Paris to work out a treaty? Benjamin Franklin, John Adams, and John Jay
When was the Treaty of Paris finally ratified, or approved? April 1783
Under the Treaty of Paris, Great Britain recognized the U.S. as an _____ _____. independent nation
Why did many of Washington's officers threaten Congress after the fighting was over? They believed they were owed pay from the Congress that Congress did not want to pay.
Which man made sure that the soldiers were paid by Congress? Washington
When did Washington finally step down from his position as General of the Continental Army? December 1783
Where was his home? Mount Vernon, Virginia
In what four ways were the Americans able defeat the British in the American Revolution? They fought on their own land, they knew the land, they received help from other countries, and since the revolution was a people's movement its outcome depended on the determination and spirit of all Patriots.
Which other two revolutions did the Declaration of Independence inspire? The French and the enslaved Africans in St. Domingue (present-day Haiti)
What three principles did the French Revolution take place under? Liberty, Equality and Fraternity
Who led the revolution in St. Domingue (Haiti)? Toussaint L'Ouverture
Which group in St. Domingue took up arms against their owners and the French leaders? Enslaved Africans
Created by: blakelyk
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