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SS Am Revolution3#1

The American Revolution Lesson 3

Did more Native Americans side with the Patriots or the British during the Revolutionary War? Why? More sided with the British because they seemed less of a threat than the Americans who lived among them and took their land.
Where did the British and their Native American allies raid American settlements? West of the Appalachian Mountains
Which Mohawk war chief led a number of brutal attacks in Pennsylvania and New York? Joseph Brant
How did Henry Hamilton, British commander of Detroit, earn the nickname the "hair buyer"? He paid Native Americans for settlers' scalps.
After gaining, then losing, then gaining the town of Vincennes in Illinois between 1778 and 1779, which Virginia militia leader helped strengthen the Americans position in the West? George Rogers Clark
Which side, Patriots or British, held the advantage at sea during the war? British
How did the British keep ships from leaving or entering American harbors during the war? They formed a blockade.
What two things did the blockade limit the Patriot forces from receiving? supplies and troops
To break the blockade, Congress ordered _____ warships, but only _____ of the ships made it to sea. 13, 2
How many ships did Congress authorize to sail as privateers? 2,000
A _____ is a privately owned merchant ship outfitted with weapons. privateer
What was the goal of the privateer? To capture enemy merchant ships and cargo.
Where did the privateers find crews for their ships? Sailors from the whaling and fishing ports of New England.
Which group captured more British ships during the war, the American Navy or the privateers? Privateers
Which American naval officer became a war hero when his ship the Bonhomme Richard defeated the British ship the Serapis off the coast of Great Britain in 1779? John Paul Jones
In the early years of the war, which side won victories at Moore's Creek and Charles Town? Patriots
What two things did the British hope to use to win important victories in the southern states? sea power and the support of the Loyalists
In 1778, which city did British general Henry Clinton send 3,500 troops to take? Savannah, Georgia
In 1780, Henry Clinton led an attack on _____ _____, which was the worst American defeat of the war. Charles Town
Who did Clinton leave in command of the British forces in the South? General Charles Cornwallis
Which side won the first battle of American General Horatio Gates and British General Charles Cornwallis in Camden, SC? British
Explain the hit-and-run tactics used by the Patriots in the South. The bands of soldiers appeared suddenly, fired their weapons, then disappeared.
Which Patriot leader used these hit-and-run tactics? Francis Marion
What was Francis Marion's nickname? Swamp Fox
Which Spanish governor of Louisiana aided the Patriots by supplying supplies and ammunition to the Northwest Territory to aid George Rogers Clark and raising an army to run the British out of the Gulf of Mexico region? Bernardo de Galvez
Which group of Americans sided with neither the Patriot or the British until the British upset them by threatening to "hang their leaders, and lay their country waste.."? mountain people
How many Loyalists were killed or captured by the mountain people at Kings' Mountain? 1,000
After which battle against Nathanael Greene did British general George Cornwallis finally give up his campaign to conquer the Carolinas? Guilford Courthouse in present-day Greensboro, NC
Did Cornwallis win the battle of Guilford Courthouse? Yes
Which two Patriot leaders were sent by George Washington to face off against Cornwallis in Virginia? Lafayette and General Anthony Wayne
Which Virginia town did Cornwallis take shelter in? Yorktown
Created by: blakelyk
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