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USH 1942A extra cred

Manifest Destiny The idea the God predestined the United States to stretch from the Atlantic to the Pacific
Monroe Doctrine Colonization and intervention in the Western Hemisphere by European Powers was over.
President Lincoln thoughts on slavery President Lincoln thought that the government was a union of people and not of states. Therefore, since it was a union, they should act like a union and not individual states.
Lifestyle of the people flooding into the cities in the 1800s In 1800 most Americans led a rural lifestyle, but by the mid 1800's, cities were increasing in population, there was an expansion of transportation systems, factories replaces small scale production,
Homestead Act of 1862 The Homestead Act and the Pacific Railway Act were passed to develop the Midwest and western parts of the country.
Declaration of Independence The people have the right to alter or abolish a government if that government violates natural rights.
Mercantilism Placed restrictions on trading
Mayflower Compact Along with the House of Burgesses and the Fundamental Orders of Connecticut, these are all examples of the use of democratic practices in government.
Progressive Movement Increased government regulation of business
Industrialization Technological advances, children and adults worked very long days, and cities grew.
Political Machines Term given to describe corrupt organizations where politicians would reward people who voted for them with jobs and work contracts.
Progressive Era The period in United States history where there were amendments concerning the income tax, direct election of Senators, Prohibition, and women's suffrage movement.
Square Deal and Great Society They both increased the role of the Federal Government in dealing with social and economic problems.
Age of Enlightenment Many leaders in the fight for independence were influenced by Enlightenment Philosophies of France and England
Fourteen Points Woodrow Wilson wrote them
Great Compromise Involved the creation of the House of Representatives and the Senate, and it involved larger states wanting a Congress based on population, whereas smaller states wanted Congress to be equal in all states.
Common Sense Pamphlet written by Thomas Paine which aided the American cause in the Revolutionary War because it persuaded individuals who were undecided to support independence.
Muckrakers Investigative journalists of the Progressive Era
Civil War The North had transportation advantages over the South during the war.
Reconstruction The period immediately following the Civil War
Sugar Act Reduce colonial smuggling
Contributing factors to the American Revolution Stamp Act, Intolerable Acts, Boston Tea Party along with several others
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