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Early Man/Farming

Mazepa's S.S test review

What questions do historians ask? What happened? Who took part in the event? When did it happen? How and why did it happen?
What is a primary source? Records made by people who saw or took part in it
What is a secondary source? no direct link to an event written by someone who was not there at the time
What is geography? The study of the earth's surface and the way people use it
What are the 5 topics geographers when they study a place? Location Place Human-Environment Interactions Movement Regions
What do archaeologist study? They locate and study artifacts left behind by people
What do paleoanthropologists study? They study ancestors of modern people and carefully look at fossils or remains of once living things.
What did Don Johanson discover? 3.2 million year old hominid named Lucy
What did Lucy prove? She proved that hominids walked on 2 legs before making stone tools
What did Louis and Mary Leaky discover? 2.5 million year old hominid of a Homo Habilis known as the Handy Man
What did Homo Habilis mark ? The start of stone tool making
When and where did Homo Sapiens orginated? 200,000 years ago and started in North Eastern Africa
What are Homo Sapiens nicknamed? Wise Humans
What was Homo Erectus believed to be the first to do what? Tame Fire
How did fire help Homo Erectus? protection, light, warmth, cooking, better tasting food that lasted longer
How did tools help Homo Erectus? hunting and gathering led to bands and migrating
What methods are used by archaeologist to date fossils and artifacts? Trees Layering Carbon 14 Thermoluminescene
How many years do trees last up to dating? 2000 years
How does soil layering tell you the date? how deep it is in the ground
How many years does Carbon 14 last up to dating? 50,000 years
How many years does Thermoluminesence last up to dating? 200,000 years
How does DNA tell you the date? once living things only-like a crime scene
When and why did Homo Sapiens migrated from Africa? 12,000 to 10,000 years ago, mostly to follow food
When and how did migration happen? It happened during the Ice age, when geographers believed that land bridges formed over current water ways made to North America, South America, and maybe Austrailia.
How long did the Ice age last? between 100,000 and 10,000 years ago
What covered the Earth during the Ice age? Glaciers
What does CULTURE mean? a way of life made up by beliefs, customs, language, and arts
What does SOCIETY mean? an organized group of people living and working under a set of rules and traditions
How did the Paleolithic Age end and how the Mesolithic Age begin? The start of nomadic herding of animals instead of hunting or gathering
What does NOMADS mean? people who have no settled long term homes, who follow sources of food
What was the Mesolithic Age about? They began domesticating animals.
What marked the end of Mesolithic Age and the beginning of the Neolithic Age? Instead of gathering wild plants, they domesticating plants (farming)
What was the most revolutionary change for mankind? Domestication of plants and aminals
Pros of farming fewer people starved to death longer lifespan more organized society-increased numbers lived closer to each other Build permanent homes trade created jobs inverntions
Cons of farming Disease could spread Work harder and longer Rapid change of diet GREED!!!!! THEME!!!!! Timing-bad farming years/good farming years
Created by: brookex27
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