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Protestant Revolutio

Palmer Sect 9

Protestant Branched off of the Catholic Church. Started by Martin Luther, read the Bible and prayed to God personaly, not through the Church
"Justification by Faith" what Justifies a person is not what the Church knew as prayer, alms, the sacraments, or holy living, but Faith Alone
Indulgences the Church claimed that they would free people from some of the punishments and in return for the indulgences people pain money.
Ninety-Five Theses Complaints that Luther posted upon the door of the castle Church at Wittenburg about the Catholic Church, the Pope, and the way they were leading the Christan Faith
Transubstantiation the doctrine holding that the bread and wine of the Eucharist are transformed into the body and blood of Jesus, although their appearances remain the same
Peasants' Revolt Stired by new religious ideas, they changed them for politacal and ecconomic aims
Anabaptists Various leader with various followings. (All the world needed was love, Christ was coming again, baptism at birth was usless ect.)
Schmalkaldic Wars The Schmalkaldic League, (a defensive leage of protestants) fought a war against the HRE (catholics) in 1546. The war ended in 1555 by the Peace of Augsburg.
Peace of Augsburg Ended the Schmlkalic Wars in 1555
Cuius regio eius religio "Whoes the region, his the religion" If you lived in a town that the Lord said was Catholic, you too must be Catholic. Determined by the Peace of Augsburg
Ecclesiastical Reservation Any Catholic bishop or other churchman who turned Lutheran in the future should not carry his territory with him, but turn as an individual and move away to a Lutheran town.
Institutes of the Christan Religion Book by John Calvin, adressed to the world. His work on Protestant Theologly
Michael Servetus a spanish refugee who denied the divinity of Christ, sought asylum at Geneva. Calvin pronounced him a heretic and burned him at the stake.
"predestination" religious idea of which the relationship between the beginning of things and the destiny of things is discussed.
Henry VIII King of England, started Anglican religion in which the King himself was the head of the Church.
Act of Supremacy Declared that the English king was the "Protector and Only Supreme Head of teh Church and Clergy of England." Passed by parliament in 1534
Anglican Church Protestant church started by Henry VIII
Thirty-Nine Articles Composed by a committee of bishops defined the creed of the Anglican Church
Created by: Amonarr8