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Explorers Review

review stack for chapter 3 explorers

What were the Portuguese sailors looking for? Asia and the Indies
What area of the US did the Spanish explore? Florida, Caribbean, Mexico
Who established fur trading posts in Canada? France-Champlain
What did Cortez accomplish Conquered Aztecs
What did Joliet Accomplish? Great lakes, 3/4 of Mississippi River
What did Cartier Accomplish? St. Lawrence River
What did Magellan accomplish? Sailed around the world
Why did the Europeans come to the Americas? Looking for a water route to Asia
Name 3 results of Columbus voyages 1,Native Americans lost there land 2. Europeans learned about America's (Columbian exhange) 3.Spanish colonies settled West Indies
What helped Europeans explore for new trade routes in the 1400's? Advances in technology (navigation and ships)
What did deCasas want the king to do? Protect the Indians from being slaves
What type of job did the French do? Fur traders
What did Cabot Explore? Newfoundland
What did Hudson Explore? Hudson River (Dutch), Hudson Bay (England)
What did LaSalle Explore? Down Mississippi River to Gulf of Mexico (new Orleans)
What did Champlain explore? Lake Champlain, Quebec, Great Lakes
What is an example of a primary source? Diary, Photos
What river was the New France settlement on? St. Lawerence River
What were the Europeans looking for when the searched for an all water route to Asia? Spices and Silk in Asia
What country did Columbus sail for? Spain
What was Columbus's goal? Get to India by sailing west
What are the first two countries to send explorers? Spain and Portugal
Wher in South America did the Spanish conquistadors explore? Central and South America
How did the Conquistadors get their riches? Capturing and killing the leaders of the Aztecs and Incas
What did Magellan accomplish? 1st to go around the world
Which group do Cortez conquer? The Aztecs
What was the major reason Native Americans died after the Europeans came to the New World? Disease
Why were explorers looking for the Northwest Passage? To find a water route through America -Asia
Define Northwest Passage? Shorter water route to Asia
Which explorer sailed through NY state? Hudson
Define Columbian Exchange? The transfer of food, animals, disease, and ideas between Europe and the New World
Created by: mrusso1