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ARE - BS - Fire

Fire Suppression

Fire Partition Demising wall separating tenants, residential units, etc.
Fire Barrier Rated assembly or enclosure (i.e. stair enclosure)
Fire Wall Divides a single building into two or more buildings
Smoke Partition Used to reduce the passage of smoke
Smoke Barrier 1 hour resistance rating required to reduce the passage of smoke
Area of Refuge Location in a building where fire and smoke are excluded and used to contain occupants during a fire or emergency until safe to evacuate. Has a steady supply of outside air, passive fire protection, electrical integrity/emergency lighting, 2 way com.
Type I Fire-Resistance Rating Building elements are of noncombustible materials (i.e. steel)
Type II Fire-Resistance Rating Building elements are of non-combustible materials (i.e. R/C)
Type III FIre-Resistance Rating Exterior walls are of noncombustible materials and interior elements are of any material allowed by code
Type IV Fire-Resistance Rating Heavy Timbers
Type V Fire-Resistance Rating Structural elements, exterior, and interior walls are of any materials allowed by code
Type A Construction Protected/Fire-Resistance Rated Construction. All structural members have additional fire rated coating/cover such as sheetrock or spray on fireproofing
Type B Construction Unprotected/Non-Fire Resistance Rated Construction. No added coating or cover
Exit Access The portion of a means of egress system that leads from any occupied portion of the building to an exit
Exit The portion of a means of egress system that is separated from other occupied spaces by fire-rated construction and extends between the exit access and exit discharge
Exit Discharge The portion of a means of egress system between the exit and a public right of way
Deluge System Used in high fire hazard areas to flood area in the case of a fire
Wet Standpipe System Most common, low initial cost, have quick response time (Class II )
Dry Standpipe System Used in areas subjected to freezing. (Class I system - only activated by the fire department)
Preaction System Reduces the likelihood of a false start by requiring both a sprinkler head and fire detection system to be activated
Combination Standpipe (Class III) - Used by both occupants and the fire department
Halons Used in areas where water damage might be bad for the room - typically banned
Intumescent Paint Expands rapidly to protect other materials in the event of a fire (typical for steel framed structures)
Type A Fire Extinguisher Ordinary Fire
Type B Fire Extinguisher Flammable Liquids
Type C Fire Extinguisher Electrical
Type D Combustible Metal
Ionization Detector Air activated
Photoelectric Sensor Used for the smoldering state
Heat Actuated Sensor Used in the flammable state
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