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B. turbine engines

turbine engines 2

explain the main difference and advantage of turbofan over turbo jet engines. a turbofan engine uses a fan to bypass some air around the engine core and to provide thrust. the advantage is that this provides additional thrust without increasing fuel flow.
name the major components in a gas turbine engine.(7) air inlet, compressor section, combustion section, turbine section, exhaust section, gearbox and accessory section.
what determines the amount of airflow through a turbine engine?(3) the forward speed of the aircraft, compressor speed, and air density.
name the two types of compressors commonly used in turbine engines. axial and centrifugal flow compressors.
name two(3) different methods for attaching turbine engine rotor blades to the rotor disk. dovetail-type root, bulb-type root, fir tree-type root.
what is a split compressor system? also called dual or twin spool compressors, these are connected to the turbine section with two rotor shafts, one inside the other.
what are the different types of combustion chambers(4) used in turbine engines? can, annular, can-annular, and reverse flow annular.
what prevents the combustion chamber from burning? cooling air along the inside of the liner.
what is the purpose of the interconnecting tubes attached between can-type combustion chambers? for flame propagation during start.
what function do axial flow turbine nozzles perform? they direct the mass airflow to drive the turbine rotor at a specific angle.
how is thermal stress relieved on a turbine disk? by directing bleed air onto the face of the disk, or by grooves being cut into the disk.
what are carbon seals used for in turbine engines? they are used as oil seals for the rotor shaft bearings.
what are the possible causes(2) for a turbojet or turbofan engine having high exhaust gas temperatures, low r.p.m., and high fuel flow at all engine pressure ratios? turbine damage or loss of turbine efficiency due to wear.
why are compressor washes performed(2) and what methods are commonly used(2)? to remove any contaminates from the compressor section and improve engine performance. the fluid wash and abrasive grit wash are commonly used.
how can you tell if a turbofan or turbojet engine is out of trim? there will be high exhaust gas temperature at target engine pressure ratio for takeoff power.
name the different types of compressor blade damage that may be found during inspection(8). dents, cracks, galling, pitting, scratches, burrs, burns, gouges.
what kind of markers can be used to mark the parts in hot and cold sections during repair(3)? layout dye, felt tip marker, chalk.
how does relative humidity affect turbine engines? negligible effect.
Created by: Justin84