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NC US History EOC 1

Page 1 US History Flash Cards

Populists Political party taht developed in the late 1800's to represent the views of the Mid-western farmers.
18th Amendment Amendment that prohibited the sale and or manufacture of alcohol in the nation. It was later repealed by the 21st amendment.
Facist Type of govt that developed in 1930's in Italy & Germany. A type of totalitarian govt led by a dictator-type figure.
PWA or CWA New Deal program designed to give jobs to the unemployed. The program was used to build many public buildings, roads, & schools.
Jungle Book by Upton Sinclair. Dipicts abuses of the meatpacking industry. Was originally meant to be a story of hard life of immigrants.
Rough Riders Group of volunteer cavalry soldiers led by Theodore Roosevelt in Spanish American War. Made the famous charge of San Juan Hill.
Marcus Garvey 1920's African American leader who proposed a Negro nationalism movement where African Americans could return to Africa in order to ensure their civil liberties.
Francis Townsend New Deal critic who proposed a pension system for the elderly. This helped bring about the Social Security Act of 1935.
W.E.B. DuBois African American leader who was the 1st black Harvard graduate. He stressed that blacks need to be given the same chance at higher education & civil rights as whites. Helped to found the NAACP in 1909.
Robert LaFollette Reform governor of Wisconsin. Was a leader in effort to bring about voter reforms such as the secret ballot, recall, referendums, & initiatives.
Fireside Chats The way Franklin Roosevelt communicated with American public throughout the Depression & WWII.
Social Gospel Idea that you should help those less fortunate. Practiced by groups such as Salvation Army & settlement House movement.
Red Scare Name given to the fear of communist radicals in US after end of WWI. Many suspected socialists/communists were deported out of this fear.
Pearl Harbor December 7, 1941. Suprise attack by Japanese on US. Brought the US into WWII.
Zimmerman Note Intercepted telegram from Germany to Mexico trying to keep US out of WWI by having Mexico declare war on US. Note helped convince US leaders to enter WWI.
Speakeasies A secret drinking club found in thousands of US cities during the Prohibition.
14 Points Name of Wilson's plan he took to the Versailles Peace Treaty Conference. Plan gave suggestions on how to avoid future wars. Last part described a world peace keeping group.
Dust Bowl Name given to the lower mid-west during a period of great drought in 1930's. Many farmers had to abandon area & become migrant workers in other parts of country.
Progressive or Bull Moose Party Party started by Theodore Roosevelt during his 1912 attempt to run for President as a 3rd party candidate.
National Origins Act Immigration law in 1920's that set up a quota system. Discriminatory system against all non-western Europeans.
Stock Market Crash or Black Tuesday 1929 financial collapse of US. Seen as a beginning point of Great Depression.
Charles Lindbergh 1st to fly solo across Atlantic Ocean. Became greatest American hero of that time. Plane called Spirit of St. Louis.
Federal Reserve Progressive reform under Wilson that created a system of national banks thruout nation to control banking system. Still controls money supply & interest rate today.
Alfred Mahan Wrote a book called "Influence of Sea Power Upon History" where stressed need for US to build & upkeep a modern & powerful Navy. Led to the Great White Fleet of early 1900's.
William Jennings Bryan Populist & Democratic candidate for President in 1896. Gave famous "Cross of Gold Speech" in support of idea for free silver coinage.
Court Packing Controversy involving Franklin Roosevelt's suggestion that Supreme Court needed additional members because of its rulings against several New Deal programs.
Munich Peace Conference Meeting where British & French leaders practiced policy of appeasement with Hitler & divided Czechoslovakia in order to avoid war & keep "peace in our time." Policy failed as war inevitable.
Bonus Army Protestors who came to Washington to ask Congress to pay a WWI payment to veterans earlier than promised. Congress refused & protestors were dispersed by US military.
Susan B. Anthony One of the female leaders of the women's suffrage movement. First woman to have picture on a US coin.
Isolationism THe long time policy of US in foreign affairs before 1890's. We tried to stay out of affairs of other nations.
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