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Westward Expansion

Test on Monday - 11-5-16

Geronimo His name is become a synonym for bravery, Apache leader who was known for his daring escapes and avoiding US troops
Sitting Bull Fought in that battle of Little Bighorn against George Custer, He and his group eventually surrendered to U.S troops because of lack of food.
Chief Joseph Leader of the Nez Perce tribe, His people were caught 40 miles from the Canadian border trying to escape from US troops
What are the 5 reasons for Westward Expansion? Chance for wealth (gold, silver, and copper), opportunities for land ownerships, technological advances, transcontinental railroads, desire for adventure, and new beginnings for slaves.
What are the 5 impacts of Westward Expansion on Native Americans? Indians opposed settlers moving, forced to relocation to reservations, reduced population through war, disease, and reduced buffalo population, assimilation attempts and lifestyle changes, and reduced American Indians homelands through broken treaties
What is urbanization? Urbanization is the term used for the growth of cities.
What is an immigrant? A person who comes to live permanently in another country.
What are the three reason for urbanization? S.I.M (Why cities developed) Many industries were expanding, immigration was growing, and Americans were moving from farm to cities.
What are the four reasons for immigration? H.E.A.R Hope for better opportunities, desire for religious freedom, escape from oppressive government, and desire for adventure.
What are two problems that came with immigration and living in the city? Settlement homes, and political corruption (political machines)
Which immigrants were used to help build the Transcontinental railroad? The Chinese and Irish
John D. Rockefeller Oil
Andrew Carnegie Steel
Cornelius Vanderbilt Shipping and railroads
J.P Morgan Banking
Henry Ford Automobile
Growth of Industry Factors Financial resources, access to raw materials, available warfare, and new inventions.
Rise of Big Business Factors Captain of industry, advertise, low cost production, and national markets.
Industrial Influences on American Farms Mechanization, Industrial development in cities created increased labor needs, and Industrialization provided new access to consumer goods.
List the 6 negative effects of industrialization? Child labor, low wages- long hours, unsafe working conditions, impact on environment, and monopolies.
What are the three workplace reforms? Reduced work hours, child labor restrictions, and improved safety conditions.
What amendment goes with the Suffrage movement and what did the Suffrage movement try to accomplish? 19th amendment - try to get equal voting rights and educational opportunities for women.
What amendment goes with the Temperance Movement and what did the Temperance Movement try to accomplish? 18th amendment - Wanted to ban they consumption, manufacture, transport, and sale of alcohol.
18th Amendment Bans the manufacturing, sale, and consumption of alcohol
19th Amendment Grants women the right to vote
Alexander Graham Bell He invented the telephone
W.E.B. DuBois He supports full political, civil, & social rights for African Americans
Booker T. Washington He accepted social segregation & promoted vocational education
Consumer Goods After industrialization, Americans had greater access to these
Discrimination Unfair treatment of a group based on prejudice
Financial Resources Money that people had to either start businesses or buy products
Ghettos Poor neighborhoods where one group of people live based on poverty or prejudice
Hull House This is a settlement house that was founded in the slums of Chicago
Immigration The permanent movement of people from one country to another
Jane Addams She founded Hull House & helped the urban poor
Jim Crow Laws These laws were characterized by unequal opportunities in housing, work, education, & government for African Americans
Labor Unions These were groups of workers who fought for higher wages or better working conditions; ex. American Federation of Labor
Mail Order Catalogs American throughout the country obtained goods through these
Mechanization This reduced labor needs on farms; ex Reaper
Oppressive Government Many immigrants left countries with these that gave them no rights
Political Machines These gained power in cities by promising immigrants jobs or housing in return for votes
Production Cost This decreased as companies used cheaper ways of making products
Reforms Changes or improvements
Segregation Enforced separation of races
Settlement Houses These were established to help poor American in cities; ex. Hull House
Specialization Meat packing in Chicago is an example of ____________________
Strike To demand better working conditions by stopping work
Suffrage The right to vote
Susan B. Anthony She was a founder of the women’s suffrage movement
Temperance This movement supported the prohibition of alcohol
Tenements Small urban apartments
Thomas Edison He invented electric lighting and uses for electricity
Urbanization The rapid growth of cities
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