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2016 1st semester

exam review

Anti-Federalists people who opposed the new constitution; they feared strong national government and demanded a bill of rights
Federalists people who supported the new constitution and wanted a strong national (central) government s
Ratification to formally (officially) approve of a document
Grievance a complaint, such as those listed in the Declaration of Independence against the British government; were later addressed in the Constitution
Civic Virtue dedication of a citizen to the common welfare of the country even at the cost of the person’s individual interest; living one’s live in a way that help the community, sometimes at great personal
Plantation a large farm that grows a single crop to sell, used slaves as a source of labor
Cash crops large amounts of crops that allow a farmer to sell them
Expansion to increase or spread out - a good example is the movement of the American population westward so that the boundaries of the country grows as citizens move further west
Common Sense a pamphlet of essays written by Thomas Paine that argued for independence, made many people become patriots
Free Enterprise economic system that allows people to create businesses without much government control; businesses are allowed to succeed or fail based on whether consumers (buyers) like what they sell and the price at which they sell it
Guarantee a formal promise or assurance that certain conditions will be fulfilled
Habeas Corpus a document that protects against illegal imprisonment
Loyalists colonists who did not want independence from Great Britain
Patriot colonist who wanted independence from Great Britain
Provision supply with food, drink, or equipment
Quakers religious group that settled mainly in Pennsylvania and created a colony that was tolerant to Native Americans and other religions
Salutary Neglect British policy of leaving the American colonies alone as long as they paid their taxes and did not cause trouble; allowed the colonies to develop self-government
Suffrage the right to vote
Port cities cities located on coastline – usually deep water to allow easy movement of ships. Major port cities: Boston, New York, Charleston, New Orleans
Unalienable rights the rights given by God to humans, cannot be taken away by government, natural rights, first described by John Locke and included in the Declaration of Independence
Created by: Ms. Carr's class
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