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Immigration quiz

Push Factors conditions that drove people from their homelands
Examples of Push factors escape from oppressive governments, hope for better economic opportunities...JOBS, religious persecution; Russian pogroms (village raids), lack of food and/or land,
Pull factors conditions that attract immigrants to a country (US)
Examples of pull factors economic opportunity - American factory jobs, Religious Freedom (Bill of Rights), cheap land,
City Problems poverty, crime, overcrowding and violence
Who were blamed for the city problems? immigrants were often blamed for these problems
Steerage Airless rooms below deck on a ship
Old Immigrants England, Ireland, Germany
New Immigrants Eastern Europe and Asia
Acculturation the process of holding on to traditions while adapting to a new culture
Chinese Exclusion Act first law to prevent a specific group from entering the U.S.
Ellis Island main processing station on East Coast (NY) where many immigrants gained entry to U.S.
Angel Island main processing station on West Coast (CA) where many Asian immigrants gained entry to U.S
Poem by Emma Lazarus w/in Base of Statue of Liberty “Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free,...”
Urbanization industrialization led to massive growth of cities in late 1800’s due to people moving from farms to cities for factory jobs; the flood of immigrants leads to rapid growth of cities; cities became overcrowded; crime, filth and disease became a problem
Tenements small apartments, often w/ no windows, heat or plumbing where much of city’s poor lived
Building Codes regulations for basic construction and building safety
Settlement Houses community centers that focused on helping poor immigrants get settled; taught English, job skills and place to socialize
Hull House famous settlement house in Chicago run by progressive leader, Jane Addams
Political Machine often a corrupt political organization that provided the poor and new immigrants of America’s cities with aid and jobs in exchange for votes to increase their political power and influence
Political Boss individual who ran these “machines;” Boss Tweed of NYC the most famous; they made themselves very rich through bribery and stealing the city’s tax money
Tammany Hall Name of famous political machine in NYC run by powerful political boss, Boss Tweed
Created by: rhs0214
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