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Lit Terms Set 3

AP Literature Exam Literary Terms

use of a word to modify two or more words, but used for different meanings. zeugma
idealized place; imaginary community in which people are able to live in happiness, prosperity, and peace utopia
first-person narrator who is crazy, a liar, very young, or for some reason not entirely credible unreliable narrator
a way-too-obvious truth truism
grotesque parody travesty
in a tragedy, this is the weakness of character in an otherwise good individual that ultimately leads to his demise tragic flaw
main position of an argument; the central contention that will be supported thesis
main idea of the overall work; central idea; topic of discourse or discussion theme
methods, tools, the "how-she-does-it" ways of the author technique
device in literature where an object represents an idea symbolism
demand made of a theater audience to accept the limitations of staging and supply the details with imagination; suspension of disbelief
simple retelling of what you've just read; includes all the facts summary
to imply, infer, indicate suggest
set up a hypothetical situation, a kind of wishful thing; grammatical situation involves the words "if" and "were." subjunctive mood
treatment uses the interior or personal view of a single observer and is typically colored with that observer's emotional responses subjectivity
author places the reader inside the main character's head and makes the reader privy to all the character's thoughts stream of consciousness
standard or clich├ęd character types stock characters
group of lines roughly analogous in function in verse to the paragraph's function in prose stanza
a speech spoken by a character alone on stage soliloquy
a comparison or analogy that softens the full-out equation of things, often but not always by using "like"or "as." simile
exposes common character flaws to the cold light of humor; attempts to improve things by pointing out people's mistakes in the hope that once exposed, such behavior will become less common. satire
a question that suggests an answer rhetorical question
instensely passionate verse or section of verse, usually of love or praise rhapsody
song of prayer for the dead requiem
line or set of lines repeated several times over the course of a poem refrain
usually humorous use of a word in such a way to suggest two or more meanings pun
main character of a novel or play protagonist
introductory poem to a longer work of verse prelude
narrator who is a character in the story and tells the tale from his/her point of view first-person narrator
third-person narrator who only reports on what would be visible to a camera objective narrator
third-person narrator who generally reports only what one character sees, and who only reports the thoughts of that one privileged character limited omniscient narrator
third-person narrator who sees, like God, into each character's mind and understands all the action going on omniscient narrator
the perspective from which the action of the novel is presented point of view
poem or speech expressing sorrow plaint
giving an inanimate object human qualities or form personification
the narrator in a non-first-person novel; shadow-author persona
not grammatically complete until it has reached its final phrase periodic sentence
complete before its end loose sentence
poem set in tranquil nature or even more specifically, one about shepherds pastoral
work that results when a specific work is exaggerated to ridiculousness parody
phrase set off by commas that interrupts the flow of a sentence with some commentary or added detail parenthetical phrase
to restate phrases and sentences into your own words, showing that you comprehend what you've just read paraphrase
repeated syntactical similarities used for effect parallelism
situation or statemtn that seems to contradict itself, but on closer inspection, does not paradox
a story that instructs, like a fable or allegory parable
phrase composed of opposites; a contradiction oxymoron
a pair of elements that contrast sharply opposition
words that sound like what they mean onomatopoeia
impersonal or outside view of events objectivity
protagonist's archenemy or supreme and persistent difficulty nemesis
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