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Pe no finals

we need to study this so we cant take the final

Aerobic means oxygen
Aerobic Endurance/ Activity jogging swimming or cycling
Anaerobic means without oxygen
Anaerobic Endurance/ Activity baseball football soccer and tennis
Push up 17, Curl up 47, Pacer 2, sit and reach 5 good upper body strength
Fitness goals should always be based on what individual persons needs
How often should someone work out 4-6 days
How many minutes should a middle school kid go outside 60 minutes
What are examples on how people can keep a good body make good eating choices and exercise
what is the benefits of having good flexibility meeting sit and reach
what are benefits of muscular strength muscles become stronger
what are the benefits of warming up helps stop injury
cardio heart
vascular blood vessels
what would be good for the curl up test set ups and planks
what would be good for the push up test bench press
what could help you maintain flexibility practicing sit and reach
what could help people maintain muscular endurance light weights
what could help muscular strength heavy weights
health problems with obesity cancer
what is a SET in weight lifting doing exercises in a group
What is REPs in weight lifting number of times you exercise
how can some one improve cardiovascular fitness how to improve the pacer the test do aerobic activity at 3 days increase activity to 4 days
order of reasonable workout to stop injury jogging 5 min a day
what should you look at when trying to determine body composition the percent of fat
Created by: matthewj69
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